How Can I Sell My Home? MD- DC- VA

Many people believe that selling a house is an easy process, you just need to buy a for sale sign, stick in the yard and wait for someone to come along and offer you top price for your home.

The reality is a lot different,

You need to be prepared to put in the work necessary to sell your hom...months before your house goes on the market....that is, if you want to sell it for top price.

These are the steps you have to take prior to putting your house in the market, not necessarily in any particular order...

  • Be committed to selling your home -  Selling a home with a "just testing the water" attitude will not lead you to a positive outcome, especially when it comes to the pricing of the property.  Every house has a reputation and you need to protect it. As you accumulate "Days On Market" your chances of getting your home sold for the highest amount it can be almost impossible. You will end up attracting only low-ball offers looking for a bargain as your home sits unsold. Commit to sell or wait until you are…
  • Improve your landscaping - Curb appeal is really one of the most important things you can do to prepare your house to sell. The first impression is crucial in getting top price for your house.

  •  Clean the outside of your house -  Rent a power washer for the weekend and wash away. A clean house always sells for more.

  •  Make necessary repairs -  Noticeable defects have to be fixed prior to putting your house on the market... if you want top price.

  •  Make the front door inviting - Part of the first impression of your home. While potential buyers are waiting for the door to open, they are observing and being influenced by what they see. Your front entrance has to shine!

  •  Remove clutter and depersonalize - I know that is a terrible inconvenience during the time you are selling your home.. but washing the dishes on day 25th, could be the determining factor why your house gets an offer...or not

  •  Organize closets and drawers - Serious buyers are on another level and they will open closet doors and drawers.... as oppose to curious lookers who will not do this because they know their intentions before hand (they are not real buyers) and they feel guilty. 

  •  Make every surface shine - Presume your mother in law is coming for a visit...and clean away prior to putting your house on the market. Dirty bathrooms and kitchen always are on the bottom of anyone's wish list.

  • Odors Must Be Eliminated - Ask a third party for their honest opinion, your olfactory senses are used to the odors emanating from your daily living inside your house. A new nose will smell what you are already used to. Houses with Pet Smell, Don't Sell ...for top dollar
  • Paint Interior walls - A little paint to cover any dirty walls and give it a fresh look
  • Pricing your homes to sell - Know the facts and study it carefully. The pricing of your home should not be set on hope, or automatic computerized CMA's and/or false illusions because you have great memories from your house. The price of your home should be set by square foot comparisons, current local market conditions, major improvements or lack of, pending sales, sold comps and the number of similar active listings in the area.

Here's 100 Tips You Can Use To Help You Prepare Your House To Sell


Now you are ready to go to the next step, let's start with this question: 


How Do You Sell Your Home Yourself?

You need guidance, advice and direction from someone that has the knowledge, experience and know-how to sell a house. You also need to know the difference when a commission is an EXPENSE versus when a commission is an INVESTMENT.  

If you decide to sell the house yourself, you must adhere to the following steps:

Be honest about your ability to sell your own house. There is nothing wrong on learning from your experiences after you sold a used couch online...but selling your house should not be an occasion to learn...potentially this could cost you thousands of dollars!

Are you a good negotiator?

When selling a home, you need to remove all emotional aspects of the process itself, a good negotiator must be full of  confidence, able to build a relationship quickly with the other party, being able to say a lot with your mouth shut and never be insulted at their opponent's requests

If you are still interested in selling your house yourself, 

Here's another thing that you should know...

What Are the Costs Associated with Selling a House? 

Closing costs selling costs When selling a home in Maryland, you will be required to pay some closing costs in addition to any commissions you have to pay to any real estate agents.

Closing costs are simply the fees associated when selling a home. 
The costs may differ depending on the county you are selling from. You should associate with an attorney if you don't have a real estate agent to prepare a cost estimate when selling your home. You'll need to know exactly how much is going to cost you to sell....way before you start any negotiations with any home buyers

How Long Does it Take to Sell Your Home?

The statistics will depend in the area where your home is located. In most cases, a home should sell between 20 to 45 days.

If you are selling your home too fast, you may be selling short of achieving full exposure. Good marketing takes a time to take effect on the sale of any house. Have patience, if you want top dollar.

If your house does not sell between 45 days to 90 days, something is not working and you better fix it fast


If your house did not sell after  90 + days, you may need to reevaluate your decisions up to this point and in some cases, you may need to start different strategy if you must sell your house.


This is where most For Sale By Owners fail  in the process of selling their homes, 

They started with a delusional price, after a long preparation,  showings to the public, open houses, plus dealings with the house remains UNSOLD. 

..and now the cry for help comes,

after losing the remainder of their negotiation advantages to sell their home, 

They announce to the world....

Sell my House Now!

What do you do now?

Now, you are on the wrong side of the selling process. You tried to sell it, you've failed....and now you are at the mercy of buyers who are looking for a bargain.

Your best move is to relist your property, remove any signs of your prior attempt to sell it and hope that this time you are more successful ...(only because you found the problem and fixed it.)

How to Sell a House Fast by Owner? 

There is only one way to sell a house fast...offer it for a price that no one can refuse...and I can assure you that your house will be sold fast. 

Investors play a huge role to dispose of houses that normally do not sell. They know how to structure an offer that may be just the right solution to your problem. 

Sometimes, selling for top value may not be as important as selling it fast.


How "NOT" to Sell a House....slow? 

Watch the video below and see how your decision-making abilities to sell your house and the proper marketing techniques can be a huge difference to the end result...


Sell my House Fast for Cash

Cash is king when it comes to buying homes in any market area. Investors who operate with cash know that they have leverage when competing to buy a home. 

When someone offers you cash for your house, it is usually because you are dealing with an investor and you selling your home at wholesale prices. 

Even when cash is present, you still need to wait a few days before all the required paper work is completed by the title company. 

Now, I sense the next question coming from you...

Can I Sell my House Fast for Market Value?

The short answer is "No"  

You can sell it fast at a lower price...

or you can sell it for market value under the right marketing conditions ...and ample time to expose the house to the pool of qualified buyers.

But you can't have both!...and ample time to expose the house to the pool of qualified buyers.

You must allow time to expose the house to the pool of ALL qualified buyers ...if you want to sell it for top value.

So, if you are still saying...

"I Need to Sell my House asap" 

Investors will be the best source of buyers for you. 

or if you want to 
Sell Your House Fast As Is

Again, an investor will take any property AS IS if the price is right.

One of the techniques they use to find bargains is they look for homes that need repairs. 

It is on those repairs where investors make their profit.

They enhance the property to attract buyers because they know, people buy on emotion, and the appeal of the house is what triggers it!

Did you know those pole posts sign you see proclaiming :

Sell Your House in 7 Days / I Buy Houses in 7 Days

They are mostly after people who are facing divorce and need to move fast

or people that are moving away because of their jobs, or losing their house to the bank.

They need to sell fast.

If you want to sell your house and you have a little time,

It is always better to sell you house via traditional listing methods than selling it directly to investors.

but, click on the image below to learn how to balance a quick sale for a fair price...

sell my house fast



and take charge of the sale of your home...

Selling your home is probably the most important financial transaction you will ever make. That’s why I take my business so seriously.  It’s also why I have developed this 99 POINT PLAN that will assure you a direct path in selling your house for the most money at a timing that fits your plans.

Please contact me if I can be of assistance to you in any way. 

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