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If you are flipping properties, renovating or simply buying rentals for your own portfolio. . you will be  blown away when you experience how we openly share with you all the insider secrets and tips about finding these deals before they even hit the MLS .... 





Did you know that for every  investment opportunity that pops up on our region, there are hundreds of  investors ready to snatch that deal...while most real estate agents aren't experienced enough to guide you to these properties, we know where they are and sometimes. .  we even know about them before everyone else!


We are the Herboso brothers, Fernando and Carlos and we want  you to PROFIT FROM OUR EXPERIENCE , we want your business if you are an active real estate investor in Maryland, DC or Virginia with ready available funds.

We operate our real estate company Maxus Real Estate Group under Herboso & Associates LLC . 

Our company has assisted many investors PROFIT FROM OUR EXPERIENCE , and it come from our know how and aggressiveness in finding the right properties from many different sources.

Our clients bypass the long tiresome and expensive mistakes most amateur investors experience in the property investment game.





We can assist you with your future investment purchases in Maryland, DC or Virginia

You will have access to our " Hot Properties List - NOT IN THE MLS" These are homes we find by our extensive Internet position, social media strategies and exclusive lists we subscribe to.

We will walk you trough the process from finding the right property, to putting an offer that is enhanced by our experience to get it accepted and closed.

We can  help you create wealth by finding the best deals offered in the public market today

You can benefit from our knowledge of the boom neighborhoods, hot spots and best areas to invest in the Maryland DC Region

You will enjoy our guidance by learning effective investment strategies that suit your needs and level of risk you prefer.  .. .as you grow your real estate investment portfolio

You will be happy to know that it doesn't cost you a penny to take advantage of our expertise and service.


Maryland investment properties


We simply have the best of both worlds when selling your property

We market our listings to 100% of all available buyers, including the enormous local  Hispanic market that looks for creative alternative financing as we form win-win relationships with them.

We have unique strategies that gets your investment properties sold for the right price and fast!

We execute our exclusive listing agreement while the renovations are being done. . In most cases  by the time the project is completed, we will have a buyer waiting for you.

See more about our marketing strategies HERE


flipping properties

Realize we are not an expense to you.. .but value converted into future profit  for you, we want you to make money. . so we can make money.

We need you to be fully approved with secured funds (cash, hard money lender or regular finances)

We only seek relationships based on honesty, seriousness  and readiness to make quick decisions.

We only work with investors that are ready, able and willing to perform

We are loyal to you . we hopefully expect the same from you


It is no doubt that the entire Maryland, DC and VA metropolitan area is a great investment area due to the economic factors that favor us over the rest of the nation.  . .Whether you are in the market for your first home, second or third home, even if you are a seasoned investor, we invite you to contact us for further information on ways how you can PROFIT FOR OUR EXPERIENCE by bypassing the crowds and finding the best deals out there.


As experienced professionals in investment properties to buy or sell, we will assist you with all of your real estate transaction needs, commercial and/or private financing, insurance and other financial and investment planning services. 

We are one phone call - email  away

Fernando 240-426-5754  

 Carlos 240-671-5542 

Maryland Office: 301-246-0001

Virginia Office: 703-350-5-4090

Toll Free: 1-888-378-2878


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Provide us with a full commitment package.

The purpose of a commitment package is to show that you are serious about working with us.

That you are qualified to do a real estate deal now and ready to submit an offer for your when we find the property that fits your needs.

Once we receive this commitment package from you,  we are ready to set you up for a personal interview and schedule a tour for deals that meet your needs.

You will have access to our HOT LIST of properties that is updated in a daily basis. 

Our resources that locate undervalued investment properties from the local MLS, short sales, foreclosures HUD Properties, Action properties and direct Internet offers from identified sellers that must sell. 

We may also employ our direct postcard strategy in the the right areas where you are most interested in. 


Once we find the right property for you, 


We will qualify and analyze the potential investment property by giving you a full report of its condition, location, dwelling configurations and structure reports, proximity to major hub transportation, business areas, schools, etc.

You will also receive a renovation study to bring the property to city codes and standards expected by buyers in the open market.

The approximate costs associated with all the renovations and/plus Rental income - expenses if you are buying the property as a rental acquisition.


{At this time, Herboso & Associates does not provide rental management of investment properties}

We will then suggest the starting offer/bid for the best chance in obtaining a ratified contract for you.

You will be asked to make a decision then. . to either purchase the property or not. This will be your decision.

If you decide to go ahead and purchase the investment property, we will put together a purchase contract offer to the seller via electronic signatures and communications.

We will negotiate and get the best possible price for you.

Our unique talents during this process will assure you attention from the seller as we believe in a WIN -WIN situation between YOU (our client) and US!. . .not between the buyer and the seller as many Realtors proclaim. 
We want you to win in a fair way, always operating with integrity . . .but we are after all the advantage we can get for you as long as it is lawful and allowed by our local governing bodies.

Once the final price and closing date are agreed upon , we have an executed contract that is forwarded to the title company to process all the way to closing.

Once the sale is completed.

We execute our exclusive listing agreement while the renovations are being done. .and remind you that in most cases  by the time the project is completed, we will have a buyer waiting for you.




Where do we get leads for our clients?  

There are many properties out there, good ones, bad ones and those in between. The problem for investors looking for properties to rehab lies in the fact that it takes a lot of time to find them.... taking in consideration that many other investors are after the same thing, you need an edge!

This is where the Herboso Brothers comes in for you!

When it comes to finding the right property, many decisions have to be made based on assumptions. A mistake here and you could get stuck with a newly rehabbed property for months!


Don't make the mistake of doing it all alone. .

Some of the savviest investors seek the assistance of professionals. .and we want to be that person for you!

We are #1 in Google under the search term "sell my house fast in Maryland"  or  "sell my house for cash in Maryland" Try It!

 Leads from sellers




Herboso & Associates and Maxus Realty Group  are not FDIC Insured, may have risk of loss, not guaranteed, and may not be suitable for all investors. Consult your attorney and/or your accountant before considering investing in real estate.


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Investment strategies.


We are one phone call - email  away

Fernando 240-426-5754  

 Carlos 240-671-5542 

Maryland Office: 301-246-0001

Virginia Office: 703-350-4090

Toll Free: 1-888-378-2878