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I can assure you that the Kentlands truly is the "neighborhood of the future".. .
Rather than waste acres of land making room for a car-centric lifestyle, the Kentlands community in western Gaithersburg instead focuses on creating a space where residents can live, work, shop and play all in the same pedestrian-traffic area. 

Introducing The Kentlands of Gaithersburg Maryland

Where you will find all within walking distance of any residence in the city, you will find pocket parks, a downtown commercial district, schools, churches, an impressively large arts center, lakes, jogging trails, swimming pools, playgrounds, performance theaters, a movie cinema, cafes, grocery stores, banks, offices, stores, dozens of restaurants, and even a clubhouse. 
Single family homes, townhomes, condos
I invite you to check the following FIVE videos highlight FIVE  different 
insider home buying tips about  buying a home on the Kentlands. .
Walkability. ...

Kentlands is the largest and most successful pedestrian-oriented live/work community of its kind in the United States, alongside its sister community, Lakelands.

What is Walkability?
As reflected in real estate
Walkability is a measure of the effectiveness of community design in promoting walking and bicycling as alternatives to driving cars to reach shopping, schools, and other common destinations. 

Kentlands Gaithersburg Real Estate 

Is all about a new lifestyle where sharing the same habits with a common cause: in building the perfect neighborhood for you and your family.
The value of any property with a high walkability score is higher for anyone considering a healthy energetic life style that will reduce the usage of their own cars as they enjoy the amenities offered by a "green"neighborhood.
"Absolutely The Best Time To Buy When This Occurs..... "

When is really the best time to buy in any neighborhood?

Exactly, the best time to purchase is when it is the right time for you regardless of what is happening around your local market.

Otherwise, the second best time to buy is right now as of the Summer of 2013
Interest rates have dropped in the last few months and they are now coming up. 

The Real estate market changes constantly and they can change very quickly and Interest rates are inching upwards right now. .if you need to buy . .I advice you to buy it now!

"Kentlands Gaithersburg  Real Estate Prices Have Remained Stable"



As you know, sellers are motivated to sell their home as the buyer’s activity decreases. 

But in some cases, sellers NEED to sell their home before the end of the year and are willing to give concessions.  . .You know that any seller who puts their home on the market in the middle of winter, through the holidays is a very motivated seller. .

Our advice is that generally to get the best buy if market condition remains the same during the year. .
the holidays are a great time to buy! 

Kentlands Homes

If you're looking to buy a home in the next few months, what steps are you taking to prepare? 
As you know, opportunity knocks only once. 
As consultants, we guide our clients to take the right steps if they want success in their home search.

One of the keys to making the home-buying process easier and more understandable is proper planning seeking the right representation is a good advice for anyone looking to buy in the Kentlands or surrounding cities....

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"Kentlands Neighborhood Nearby Competition"

Have you checked the CROWN?

Located near  Rio-Washingtonian Center in Gaithersburg Maryland this new community has formed. .

If you were wondering about all the new construction that is taking place near Rio in Gaithersburg? I'm sure you've seen it. .

wonder no more. .

Is the Crown; a new community that once completed will feature more than 2,200 residential units and 260,000 square feet of retail space.
If you are considering the Kentlands for your next home, as a service to our clients we introduce the whole rather that just a part. .

You should also consider seeing home in the CROW to compare and decide. .
Here is a little sample look of the CROWN neighborhood in Gaithersburg

Kentlands Gaithersburg Single Family Homes

"Single Family Houses are BIGGER on this part. ."

Welcome to the Lakelands!

From a practical point of view. .the Lakelands is an extension of the Kentlands except. .

The houses are bigger, the streets are wider, there is less traffic and it is mostly residential.

Is the same life style than the Kentlands offers. .by giving you the same benefits . .it just that only homes seem to be a lot bigger on the Lakelands

"When it comes to deciding for your new home, you should compare it : house by house and NOT  Lakeland to Kentlands . .
that is the advice you will get from us"

Kentlands Gaithersburg Maryland Instant Home Search 

"Are you really cut out to be a 
Kentlands Resident?"

If You Only Knew. . 
As reflected in real estate you live where you feel the most comfortable. .
If you live in the Kentlands, 
You are energetic and do not mind community participation

You will see a lot of people, connecting with them is part of the lifestyle on the Kentlands. .

Yes, you can have privacy when needed but. .if solitude and being in open space is your cup of tea.. 

The Kentlands may not be the right place for you. .

There are many other places nearby where you can have more land, more house and more room for just you and your family. . 

The Kentlands is an engaging community and you will be pressured in participating via your kids in school, your weekend activities and just by patronizing the local businesses around the area.

We advice our clients. .

In the Kentlands. 
is not just a house you are buying. .
you are buying a new lifestyle

                                                home values

What is my house worth in the Kentlands? 


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