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Located in southern Frederick County, just minutes over the Montgomery County line overlooking Sugarloaf Mountain Villages of Urbana is were your home is...

Enjoy the small town atmosphere modernized with plenty of amenities and homes in an environment that reflects world-class culture 

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Why Do People Live here?

Villages of Urbana is a beautiful neighborhood of single-family homes, townhouses and condos. It is conveniently located just 38 miles outside Downtown Washington DC. It's not uncommon to see neighborhood kids playing the streets of this quaint little oasis in the suburbs during the summer and sledding down the snow covered hills in the winter. The "Villages" is far enough from the main hustle and bustle of the surrounding cities like Frederick and to the south 

Clarksburg Maryland which is located at the northern tip of Montgomery County.

Looking for a home in the Villages? 

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What's the Neighborhood Like?

The homes you would expect to find for sale in the Villages of Urbana are generally going to range between 1200 and 2000 square feet. on townhouses and condos...with most single-family homes in the 2000 to 5000 square feet. Most of the homes were originally built starting in 1999 -2008Villages of Urbana

it's not uncommon to find homes that have extensive finished basements adding to the square footage of some of these great homes. The smaller homes in the neighborhood start with 3 bedrooms while the larger floor plans have sometimes up to 5 bedrooms with some models putting the master bedroom on the main floor.

Most of the lots range around the 1/4 acre mark and in some cases you may see houses with more size and acreage.

What's Going on Nearby the Urbana  Neighborhood?

Urbana is located right at the edge of Frederick and Montgomery Counties in Maryland. There is a major hospital (Frederick Maryland Hospital) less than 10  miles north of the neighborhood.

You will also find just about every kind of conceivable shopping within a short drive distance.

The Market District - Villages of Urbana and the Urbana Village Shopping Center offers you many choices for all your everyday needs.

These shopping areas have everything from a pharmacy to wonderful local coffee shops.

In the evenings you will want to take a stroll down to enjoy dinner at Atlantic Grille, Magia e Bevi ristorante Italiano, the Surf House Island Cantina is another...a quick breakfast at the local Waffle House and the Black Hog BBQ when you are very hungry!

What Schools will the Kids Attend?

If you buy a home in the Villages of Urbana, the local schools serving this area are Urbana MD High School, Urbana MD Middle School, Urbana MD Elementary School (Magnet School) and Centerville Elementary School. To get local school scores and more information about these schools check out the Frederick County School Info here*  

Urbana Maryland High School

3471 Campus Drive

Ijamsville, MD 21754


Principal: David Kehne

Urbana Maryland Middle School

3511 Pontius Court

Ijamsville, MD 21754


Principal: Peter Daddone

Urbana Maryland Elementary (Magnet School) 

3554 Urbana Pike

Frederick, MD 21704


Principal: Tess Blumenthal

Centerville Elementary School

3601 Carriage Hill Drive

Frederick, MD 21704


Principal: Tracy Hilliard


Now You Really Want to Find a Home Here, Right?

If you are interested in the current market conditions and a report of the current real estate market in "The Villages" 

Please scroll down to Villages of Urbana Homes For Sale Links. 

Villages of Urbana: Pool Information


On school days:

Harris Street: Open noon to 8 PM

Shafer's Mill: Open 3 PM to dark (closed Mondays)

On weekends and non-school days:

Harris Street: Open 10 AM to 9 PM

Shafer's Mill: Open 10 AM to dark (closed Mondays)


Villages of Urbana: HOA Information

 For a complete list of events, rules and guidelines, please click on the link above. To select an upcoming event you are interested in attending, you must register in advance or run the risk of being left out.

Villages of Urbana: New Homes 

If you're looking for new home construction near Washington DC Metropolitan area, (District Of Columbia), you should consider the new homes that are for sale in Urbana, located in the southern part of Frederick County, situated almost in the county line with Montgomery County

new home construction urbana

Check Our New Homes Buyer TIPS for Urbana Maryland CLICK HERE*


Villages of Urbana: Homes For Sale 

The real estate market has been rising steadily in Urbana MD since the 2005-2006 crash. Most major real estate portals are reporting for homes prices to keep rising in the next few years. The most important factor for this area is about thousands of new Millenials coming into the market, young professionals, with jobs and ready to buy a nice home in the right neighborhoods. 

This is why Villages of Urbana has many reasons to benefit from this demand. Young professionals want the best prices,  in a safe neighborhood, with great schools and the convenience of Washinton DC nearby.

Find the right property below  by going to homes that fit your style and budget 



Villages of Urbana: Videos 


Urbana MD Demographics 2016-2017

Total Population 9,175

Content provided by the US Census Bureau 


Urbana Climate & Weather Report 

Urbana is part of the Humid subtropical climate zone, with hot, humid summers, cool winters, and generous precipitation year-round. It is above the Fall Line, which in turn, gives it slightly lower year-round temperatures than cities to the south, such as Washington, D.C.


On average, Urbana gets about 40 inches (1,000 mm) of rain and 25 inches (640 mm) of snow per year. July is the warmest month, with an average high of around 87 °F (31 °C).


The coldest month is January, with an average low of around 23 °F (−5 °C). Urbana experienced rain 108 days of the year.

 Information provided by

Villages of Urbana Places...

Urbana District Park

Finished in 2012, this beautiful Urbana District Park is a new, 95-acre park. The park is located near the intersection of Md. Route 355 and Lew Wallace Street. There are many amenities like walk trails, biking, picnic pavilions, baseball field, football, lacrosse etc. 

Shafer's Mill Recreation Center

Shafer's Mill is home one of two limited-access pools and fitness centers within the Villages of Urbana. The pool is located at 9228 Shafers Mill Dr, in the new Urbana district. The Shafer's Mill Recreation Center includes a fitness center for Association members, as well as a community room that is available for community groups, events and classes. Please call in advance if you are planning any major use of this center. 

Anthony Natelli Community Center

If you love tennis, this is the recreation center to go...The Anthony Natelli Community Center is located On Harris St, inside of the Villages of Urbana. Facilities include a large swimming pool complex, meeting rooms and also community event facilities. 

The Urbana Volunteer Fire Department

Urbana Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department is a combination fire department. They are a fire department consisting of both career staff and volunteer members. They provide emergency services to the community 24/7 --365 days/year


Urbana Regional Library

Opened in fall of 2006, this beautiful library facility covers over 25,000 square feet on three different levels and contains over 90,000 items. The Urbana Regional Library and Senior Center is a centerpiece of the Urbana Town Center in the Villages of Urbana, located just off Worthington Boulevard / MD Route 355.


Where to Shop? 

Market District - Villages of Urbana

Market District is in the heart of the Villages of Urbana community, there are many retail shops that line the first floors of row houses complementing the main avenue. There is also a  Giant Food grocery, state-of-the-art Urbana Library, banks, and eateries ...all within walking distance.

Urbana Village Shopping Center

This shopping center is located on the west side of Urbana Pike, with Urbana Elementary School to the north and Urbana Church Road to the south. 



 Transportation - Commuting to Washington DC

A lot of people in the Villages of Urbana commute to DC. There is a bus and train service in the Frederick area for those commuting into the DC area

 Marc Train

MARC Train Service is a commuter rail system whose service areas include among many places the Frederick Maryland area -- it includes  Baltimore City; Washington D.C.; Brunswick, and Martinsburg, West Virginia.

The MARC Train Service operates Monday through Friday with limited weekend service. For schedules, an interactive map and commuting times, visit the Marc Train official website here


If you must use your car to travel to Washington DC -  During high traffic times, you'll be in the road upwards of one hour or more.

If Bethesda is your destination, during high traffic times, you'll be on the road upwards of 1/2 hour or more.

I have family that lives in Virginia/Arlington area, and if I time it just right, I can travel less than 45 minutes and be there with no problem. 

Living in this area will make you an expert in deciding when you should be on I-270 ..and when you should avoid it!

Questions & Answers About Living in the Villages of Urbana

Q: How To Get Help Finding a Home in Villages of Urbana? 

A: A good real estate agent can make or break your deal. This is really the only thing that you must do for yourself. After that, if you have made the right decision, your agent should lead you directly to the perfect home you are looking for. We appreciate your consideration if you decided to include us in agents to interview. Our direct number is 301-246-0001

Q: Can you find an affordable home in Villages of Urbana?

A: Being able to afford a safe, quality home in the Villages of Urbana has its challenges.

Our company prides itself in leading the cause for more affordable housing inside our communities.

Investing in building and improving affordable housing from our local governments improves our social structure and neighborhood harmony.

There are many local programs that are helpful, especially for first-time homebuyers. Please give us a call (301-246-0001)and let us customize an affordable solution to your housing problem


Q: What are the risks of buying a home that's too big?

A: Buying a home is a big deal, but going in unprepared can put your financial life at risk. Don't overextend yourself in looking for a home that is too big in appearance and mortgage payments

If you purchase a home that is too big and over your needs....not only you are stuck paying more for a mortgage every single month but...a big house needs more maintenance and energy to heat and cool.

Be honest with yourself and consider using any extra money you may have to buy a rental investment instead...of buying a home with rooms that you will never use.


Q: Tell me about the aircraft noise in Urbana MD?

A: The best thing about living in Urbana is having 3 major airports within one hour's drive.

The nearest major airport is Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA / KDCA).  and is located  43 miles from the center of Urbana, MD.

Another smaller airport that is near: Hagerstown Regional Airport (HGR / KHGR), and is 40 miles from Urbana, MD.

Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD / KIAD) located in Dulles, Virginia and is 47 miles from Urbana, MD.

Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI / KBWI) Located in Baltimore and is 50 miles from Urbana, MD.

There are two smaller airports within a 30-minute drive, mostly for private planes. The Stolcrest Airport and Ijamsville Airport

Yes, you will hear noise from the traffic of all these airports overhead...but nothing above the normal noise you will experience anywhere.


Q: House hunting in Urbana, what should I watch for?

A: Be prepared and set your priorities straight before going house hunting.

Take notes and factor your travel times to I-270 and 355. These two routes are the ones you will be utilizing the most

When you are touring, check for possible parking problems. Where would you park and where would your guests park to help you celebrate your new home.

Neighbor's have the power to make you happy and "very" unhappy. After selling hundreds of homes, I can assure you that there is a high factor of probability that the reason why someone is selling is because they want to get away from their neighbors.

A good Realtor can provide you with tips how to test your neighbors before deciding to buy your house?


Q: Are there any more affordable communities coming to Urbana? 

A: It seems sometimes that the city and planning commission seem to never say NO to more new homes. It is baffling to know that just because a developer or builder purchases a farm or piece of land. That should not be a basis for building more homes.

There should be more emphasis on providing more affordable communities to a family moving into the area rather than creating more McMansions that eventually transform our society in a negative way. 

Please call, as we are informed about any new developments in the area. This changes on a weekly basis. We will be happy to discuss different possible areas to move in around Urbana and Frederick in general.


Q: Is the parking limited for some townhouses in the Villages?

A: Yes and your Realtor will be able to discuss this with you... when you are house hunting. Just ask...there are well know areas where this is a problem.

Q: Young families and the best condo buys in the Villages of Urbana

A: Young families have an edge when buying condos in the Villages. Some builders have designed condo buildings with top and bottom level condos. The top-level condos are bigger and a better buy for young families if they are ok using "stairs"

Top level condos are not a priority for the most older buyers because of the stairs they have to take to their homes. Your competition is less in these areas if you are considered to be a young energetic family. 

Q: I can't sell my house in Urbana - What should I do? 

A: From time to time we will find a home that simply does not sell for some reason or another. To help you, we developed an exclusive page about this: Home Not Selling Forum and Solutions


Q: Clueless first-time house owner - help! 

A: A good real estate agent can make or break your deal. Especially for first-time homebuyers.  This is really the only thing that you must do for yourself. After that, if you have made the right decision, your agent should lead you directly to the perfect home you are looking for. We appreciate your consideration if you decided to include us in agents to interview. Our direct number is 301-246-0001

Q: Where is the best shopping for people living in the Villages?

A: Judging by the shopping experiences & habits of my wife and 15-year-old daughter...I say it is the Clarksburg Premium Outlets. Just a few minutes away and you have access to over 100 designer stores from Nike, Under Armour to Polo, Hugo Boss and Kay Jewelers. From Michael Kors, Puma and Rack Room Shoes to Skechers, Tommy Hilfiger and UGG. See more here

Q: What are my closing costs when buying a home in the Villages of Urbana?

A: This is just an estimate and you should check with your agent for more accurate numbers. 

As an example: If you are buying a home in Villages of Urbana for $400,000

You will most likely need around 3.5% of the price of the house  for a down payment

Around $4000 for closing costs related to City, County and State taxes

You will need another $1000 for Radon test, Home Inspections and appraisal 

The good news, you and your realtor should structure an offer that will give you a seller's credit to offset your closing cost nearly to zero. (except your down payment) 

There are also grants and benefits for first-time homebuyers. You can also get more information reading the "Ultimate Guide To Buying Your First Home In Maryland


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 Picture Perfect Story Book Neighborhood in Urbana Maryland

 Where is Urbana Maryland? 

Urbana MD Real Estate

If you're considering buying a home or selling a home in Urbana Maryland, it's a good idea to work with a local real estate expert to help ease the real estate purchase process. There's far more to home buying than just searching Urbana Maryland Homes. 

For your consideration,. I would like to introduce my Team Of Realtors_ Herboso & Associates with Maxus Realty Group. We can give you the knowledge, advice and counsel you need to make the right decisions about your real estate investment in the Villages of Urbana mainly because of our experience, knowledge and because some of our agents also live here.


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