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Clarksburg, Maryland Homes

Clarksburg is a beautiful family-friendly community hidden in the northern end of Montgomery County. Residents of the area enjoy the same neighborhood amenities that most DC metropolitan areas have, but Clarksburg is unique in having plenty of parklands set aside for the dual stream valleys of Ten Mile Creek and Little Seneca Creek. This dedication to nature gives the city a unique flavor that most communities along I-270 lack.

If you want to live within easy driving distance of DC yet want to still enjoy the neighborhood feeling of a small town, then the place to live is definitely Clarksburg, MD. Not only does the area have wonderful schools and parkland, but it also has a thriving Town Center that encourages foot traffic and greatly complements life in the Washington Metropolitan area.

The Clarksburg Master Plan (which governs the growth of the city) directly targets Clarksburg to become the single most northern population center along the I-270 corridor. Because of this, development within city limits is entirely focused on creating a residential community of public transportation surrounded by open space.

This is what makes the Clarksburg community such an attractive place to live; the entire area is dedicated to becoming a better place for all its residents over time.

The Real Estate Market has become one of the fastest growing areas in Montgomery County Maryland

More About  Clarksburg Real Estate ...

Whether you're looking for luxury homes, condos, or foreclosures, our Clarksburg real estate specialists are standing by to help you find:

We also recommend looking at our latest blog entries on Clarksburg. You may find new listings on short sales, interesting neighborhoods, info on their award-winning schools, or even just real estate news of interest to all Clarksburg residents.

Neighborhood Choices Relocating to Clarksburg Today

If you're considering moving to the Clarksburg area, call me right now at 301-246-0001 or send us a message and you'll receive our special relocation package. It includes community highlights, transportation details, and a listing of homes for sale. Communities around Clarksburg include:

What Are The Neighborhoods Like Around Clarksburg?

The homes you would expect to find for sale in Clarksburg are generally going to range between 1800 and 4000+ square feet.  Townhouses will range from the 2000 square feet mark and condos are somewhat smaller. and condos.Most of the homes were originally built starting in 1999 - 2008 period. Although the presence of Clarksburg Village and Cabin Branch have actually accelerated new construction in the last few years, Clarksburg still holds that special small-town feeling...Clarksburg Neighborhoods

it's not uncommon to find homes that have extensive finished basements adding to the square footage of some of these beautiful homes. 

Most of the lots average from the 1/4 acre and below. Clarksburg is not known for its expansive lots, on the contrary, there is only enough yard space on some houses to be called a single family home, If you really need space and want to go and play around, there are plenty tot lots and parks around the neighborhoods.

Most of the neighborhoods in Clarksburg are governed by an HOA Association, Expect to pay a nominal fee every month for maintenance, snow clearing and pool usage benefits (This is only for selected neighborhoods) 

Are Clarksburg Neighborhoods Noisy or Quiet?

A person’s idea of a “bad” neighbor is always around a question whether the neighbors are noisy or quiet?

The unspoken factor of living in Clarksburg is that residents are in general very respectful and quiet. The multi-cultural mix of its residents brings an atmosphere of togetherness and understanding. 

If you buy a house in Clarksburg, would you be able to profit if you sell it in five years?

Don't feel bad by asking this question directly to your Realtor. You have the right to know if your investment will be worth the trouble of owning a home...perhaps 5 years later.

It is obvious that some Realtors may just sugar coat your decision with an affirmative answer without going into facts and details.

This is why we maintain a current real estate market report with us at all times, so we can share it with our buyers. All you have to do is ask for it.

"By living in Clarksburg, we look closely at the present because we are part of its making...and our future is the product of it"  


Three Charts that Defines Clarksburg MD Today.... 

Real Estate Statistics


The Pools & The Summer Are So Much Fun In Clarksburg MD!

I know that everyone has their favorite pools, I love CTC (Clarksburg Town Center) the best! 

The most important factor is when choosing where to live in Clarksburg, make the amenities part of your decision. When is time to sell your home, those amenities may be the difference of thousands of dollars to your bottom line?

A lot of builders have sold hundreds of non-pool homes comparing them to neighborhoods with pools as being valued the same...omitting the facts of past studies...amenities sell and they will create a bigger equity to your nest egg.

Most neighborhoods in Clarksburg have pools, and some have more than one..  Clarksburg Village is one of them

pool in clarksburg

New Construction Homes In Clarksburg MD

Typically, the process of buying a brand new home in Clarksburg takes place over time and in several stages. The most important step is to make a decision who you want representing you to make an intelligent choice.

The right person could save you thousands of dollars and be the difference if your backyard faces a ditch or a view of a sunset...

You need guidance to find all the options available in the area, taking some time deciding on your priorities—what you want in a home?  where you want to live? and how much you want to spend?

Is not enough to explore what's currently available among the properties that builders need to sell.... is what you need what is really want to see "ALL " the houses that are currently available, what will be released and available soon? and what are the best builder incentives?



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 As we mentioned, a simple consultation with a neutral person, bringing you information about ALL the builders and not just one is the best first step you can take.

Having said that, here are all the neighborhoods where new construction is offered in Clarksburg - Click on the name & link to see a sample of homes currently available in that particular neighborhood.

What Builders Offers The Best Prices in Clarksburg? 


Who is the "WORST" Builder in Clarksburg? 

Who is the "BEST" Builder in Clarksburg? 

What is a SPEC HOME?

 Some custom builders build on land they own which is known as a spec home – short for speculative. They will build unique houses to show their abilities as a builder... Becuase the house has already been built, the buyer DOES NOT GET to choose colors or styles....but it gets to offer a lower price because of it.

read more here*

 Call me directly at 240-426-5754 and let's meet for a cup of coffee (on me) to discuss what are your best options in Clarksburg. There is no obligation on your part and you'll get a free consultation with an experienced Broker who has lived in Clarksburg for many years.




Schools Around Clarksburg

For direct information, download our pdf filled with data on all Clarksburg area schools.

Clarksburg is specially blessed with top-notch schools. Clarksburg High School has some of the best teacher/student ratios in the DC metropolitan area, and Rocky Hill Middle School is generally considered one of the best in the area. While some elementary schools in the area are a bit crowded, the quality of teachers and facilities are above par.

Clarksburg Schools

We know how important is the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and price when you are searching for a home.

But, we also understand how important is searching for a home near your favorite schools as well... now offers you a chance to search directly for homes for sale near/around the schools where you want your child to attend.Just click on the links below and search for homes that are in the same school district,

"The key factors in searching for a new home for your family should be around advanced school search parameters when you have school-age children. This is the reason why we enhanced our real estate search experience with all the school information"

Fernando Herboso ~ Broker for Maxus Realty Group 2018

Please click on the link of each school to search for properties around that particular school

Little Bennett Elementary School 

Address23930 Burdette Forest Rd, Clarksburg, MD 20871

Clarksburg High School

Address22500 Wims Rd, Clarksburg, MD 20871

Rocky Hill School

Address22401 Brick Haven Way, Clarksburg, MD 20871

Wilson Wims

Address12520 Blue Sky Dr, Clarksburg, MD 20871

Clarksburg Elementary School

Address13530 Redgrave Pl, Clarksburg, MD 20871

The Goddard School

Address22010 Frederick Rd, Boyds, MD 20841


Search For Homes Around Other Schools in Montgomery County MD HERE*


Now, Let's Take a Ride on a Typical Clarksburg Neighborhood...shall we?..climb aboard!


Transportation & Commuting Times For Clarksburg Residents 

 Lots of neighbors who live in Clarksburg commute to DC.

BUS 75 RideOn

Transit Center 75 is the bus line for Clarksburg. You can go directly to the Metro or simply a short trip away to Milestone Shopping Center or directly to Clarksburg Premium Outlets.

Check the latest scheduling changes for Route 75 by going here

 Marc Train

MARC Train Service is a commuter rail system whose service areas include a path directly to the Union Station in Washington DC 

The MARC Train Service operates Monday through Friday with limited weekend service. For schedules, an interactive map and commuting times, visit the Marc Train official website here


If you must use your car to travel to Washington DC -  During high traffic times, you'll be in the road upwards of one hour and sometimes more.

If the Bethesda, Rockville is your destination, during high traffic times, you'll be on the road upwards of 1/2 hour or more.

I have family that lives in Virginia/Arlington area...and if I time it just right, I can travel there in less than 40 the years passed we became experts in knowing when to use I-270  ..and when we should avoid it!

Route 355

If I-270 is a parking lot because of an accident, the good news is that you have an alternative route, 355 -- the bads news is that everybody else knows about Route 355 and you will encounter traffic there as well.  

Route 355 (MD 355) runs parallel to I-270 towards Washington DC. 

Both I-270 and Route 355 are less than 5 minutes away from all Clarksburg neighborhoods 

Shopping for Clarksburg Residents

Judging by the shopping experiences & habits coming from my wife and 15-year-old daughter...I say it is the Clarksburg Premium Outlets. Just less than 5 minutes away and you have access to over 100 designer stores from Nike, Under Armour to Polo, Hugo Boss, and Kay Jewelers. From Michael Kors, Puma and Rack Room Shoes to Skechers, Tommy Hilfiger, and  UGG. See more information about The Clarksburg Premium Outlets here*

Grocery Shopping

The most convenient store for all Clarksburg residents is Harris Teeter, located right in the middle of Clarksburg Village.

When you need more choices of foods or restaurants,  within a 10-minute drive and you are in Milestone Shopping Center

Take a peek at this video and ride around MIlestone CLICK HERE*


Amenities for Clarksburg Residents

In reality, there is a lot to do with Clarksburg Maryland and I will just touch on my five favorite things my family and I love to do:

  1. The Black Hill Regional Park: Boating, nature, walking, fishing, trails, biking, etc -- 10-minute drive
  2. Little Bennett Regional Park: with 3,700 acres is the largest park in Montgomery County...if you like camping, this is the one for you - 7-minute drive
  3. Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard: Wine, relaxing, music, outdoors and Sugarloaf Mountain views! Located just outside Clarksburg in Dickerson, MD - 10 Minute drive 
  4. Butler's Orchard: I love the fall and Butler's Orchard...they have fresh fruits, vegetables and you can pick your own pumpkins at their annual Pumpkin Festival with hay rides and so much fun for the kids -- 10-minute drive 
  5. Rio Washingtonian Center:  It is just the right place to be in the Spring and Summer with your just feels right connecting with friendly, smart people everywhere and my favorite Restaurant, Uncle Julio's 15-minute drive


Of course, that's not all. From the museums in downtown DC to the historic Frederick downtown district...and not to mention the Baltimore Harbor.. is all there for you within a short 30 to 45 minutes drive.


Nearby Restaurants for Clarksburg

The Top Restaurants around Clarksburg within a 5-minute drive are: 

Bennigans: Reasonable prices, friendly atmosphere

GrillMarkX Steakhouse & Raw Bar: The opposite of Bennigans as far as prices are concerned...but their food is good.

Redbowl Sushi & Asian Bistro: Best sushi in town.

Plus lots of Pizza places. 

Drive a few more minutes and a whole world of other restaurants are at your disposition..hundreds!


The best thing about living in Montgomery County/Clarksburg area is having 3 major airports within one hour's drive.

The nearest major airport is Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA / KDCA).  and is located  35 miles from the center of Clarksburg, MD.


Another smaller airport that is near: Hagerstown Regional Airport (HGR / KHGR), and is 50 miles from Clarksburg, MD.


Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD / KIAD) located in Dulles, Virginia and is 57 miles from Urbana, MD.


Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI / KBWI) Located in Baltimore and is 60 miles from Clarksburg, MD

My family and I literally drove to Baltimore airport early morning..and we were eating lunch in the beach of our Cancun Mexico Hotel the same day! - we have access to direct flights to almost everywhere in the world.


Why Should You Pick a Local Clarksburg Real Estate Agent if you want to relocate to Clarksburg MD?

Our buyer agents who are involved in assisting you in buying a home are very aware of the process of transferring ownership of properties and how important that is to all the participants. Expect every step of the process to be recorded and formalized through the use of various real ...

The Four Type of Buyers That Will Buy Your Clarksburg Home in Today's Market...

To help you differentiate the different types of buyers so you can objectively evaluate proposals from them, we broke all buyers in three qualified groups.

If your goal is is to obtain top dollar for your house with the best terms from the best buyer in the current market conditions...

You need to be aware of these 4 types of buyers out there. ...

Get Rid of Pet Smell Before Your Sell Your Clarksburg Home 

This is an ongoing problem I see very often when I'm on listing appointments

Our olfactory systems tend to get used to different smells inside our houses 

 Do you really want to know what your house smells like? 

Some sellers are not aware that their homes smell really, really bad...

When I list a property, I have to be brutally honest with my clients or else.... ...

Who Are We?

Maxus Realty Group is focused on taking the time to help you and your family find the perfect home while providing value-added services and benefits while taking advantage of all the benefits available to you.
We are sincerely interested in our clients. We are not the agents that "pay" to position themselves as the "experts" on a particular area that they know nothing about. We live in Clarksburg and we will treat you as a family member that needs our help relocating to an area that we know very well.
I promise you that we are going to take the time to understand who are you? 
What's important to you? 
What are your goals objectives and preferences? 
Thank you for your time! 
Fernando Herboso 
Maxus Realty Group Broker

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