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"Get Neutral Unbiased Opinion About New Home Construction in Clarksburg Maryland"

Should you ask these questions to a builder's representative?

or should you ask a neutral representative, that has all the information, with no vested interest in the outcome of any builder financial gain? 

  • Who is the best builder? 
  • Who offers the best prices?
  • Who has the most complaints?
  • Who has the best price per square foot? 
  • Who has the best lots? 
  • Who offers the best community amenities? 
  • Who has the best value for future growth? 
  • Who has the best incentives right now? 
  • Who has the best prices on spec homes? 

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new constructionTypically, the process of buying a brand new home in Clarksburg takes place over time and in several stages. The most important step is to make a decision who you want representing you to make an intelligent choice.

You need guidance to find all the options available in the area, taking some time deciding on your priorities—what you want in a home?  where you want to live? and how much you want to spend?

Is not enough to explore what's currently available among the properties that builders need to sell. You'll need the options of what is currently available, what will be released and available soon? and what are the best builder incentives?


A simple consultation that brings neutral information will clear your options. Once youbuilders have narrowed your choices down to one community, one builder and one home, you are ready to work out the details as we help you sign a contract with the builder of your choice with the best terms FOR YOU and not the builder!

Now it's time to step back and let the builder do the work as we keep a close eye on the construction process with a home builder specialist that works exclusively for you. 



New Homes in Clarksburg Maryland

Builder Community  Price Low - High
Beazer Homes 
Arora Hills $365,000 - $000,000
Everson  Homes Cabin Branch   $390000 - $663,428
Winchester Homes  Cabin Branch  $541,859 - $663,428
Miller & Smith Clarksburg Town Center   $469,990 - $499,990
NVR Services Clarksburg Village  $369,990 - $709,990
 NV Homes Clarksburg Village

$629,990 - $734,990

Ryan Homes          
Clarksburg Village  $444,990 - $709,990
Craftmark Clarksburg Village  $664,000 - $685,000
Craftstar Clarksburg Village  $430,000 - $664,000
Beazer                    Calrksburg Village             $509,990 - $539,990
Miller & Smith Gallery Park $398,720 - $000,000
Craftmark Nehouse Estates

 $729,900 - $799,900

Craftmark                Park Ridge                        $864,584 - $000,000


The Sales Process of Buying a New Home In Clarksburg MD - See Video 

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New Homes for Sale in Clarksburg Maryland

Welcome to our webpage about New Construction in Clarksburg MD


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New Home Constructions Services for all Montgomery County MD 
Here you will find information on new homes available in Clarksburg MD located in the northern part of Montgomery County Maryland
Many Clarksburg new construction home-builders are very optimistic about the market around the area.
The market is going upwards..
The increasing trends have created a boom in construction, particularly around the newly create neighborhood of Clarksburg Village.
We are encouraging homeowners that are interested in new construction properties in Clarksburg to begin their search as soon as possible. We see the Summer of 2018 a boom for many home-buyers to the area and we would like to guide you through this process.

Please understand. .
We are giving you INDEPENDENT advice that could save thousands of dollars when purchasing your new home in Clarksburg
In general, we can help you. .
  • Deciding how to proceed when you begin your search. 
  • What to know before buying a new home?
  • Could you have additional options for financing?
  • Should you get the total price of your house BEFORE you sign the contract?
  • Do builders negotiate on new home prices of just the amenities? 
All of this and much, much more. .

New Homes for Sale in Clarksburg Are Growing because of the low interest rates

A New Home - A New You - Your New Adventure

Assuming that you have also considered buying an existing "used" home. . in general buying a new home has more benefits for you than "settling" into someone's idea of a dream home long time ago.
There are many reasons to buy a new home, but these are the reasons why you should buy a new home in Clarksburg MD 
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  • Availability Factor:  More choices, more styles to choose from 
  • A Floor Plan You Desire: Design your life as you design your own space
  • An Exterior That You Love: The colors, the materials, the windows and even the plants outside!
  • More Space For You: In general, most new Clarksburg homes available are brilliantly designed to give you more space
  • Little Maintenance For You: While the warranty is in effect, a new home is virtually maintenance free for the first few years
  • Modern Conveniences For You:  The latest designs to increase the quality of your living
  • Control of Location, Financing, Floor Plan, and Exterior Design: You choose what's best for your family
  • Builder May be Willing to Accept Contingent Contracts: Have an existing house to sell? Is all about protection for you.
  • Emotional Factor of Newness: There is nothing better
  • Neighborhood Amenities: The parks, the pools, the convenient shopping is all around in Clarksburg
  • Fully Equipped Modern Kitchen: Your kitchen is where you nurture your loved ones' souls as well as their bodies. Is the heart and soul of your house and you can design it from scratch.
  • The Schools Around Clarksburg: If you are moving to a new area, it's important to check out the school district before purchasing your new home. This is exactly what my wife and I did 4 years ago when we moved to Clarksburg MD. 
Clarksburg Real Estate Homes
Check the video below where we begin and take a ride around one of the newest neighborhoods in Clarksburg. . 

Lets take a ride around Clarksburg Village. .



Is Their Base Price  Non-Negotiable?

Real estate 101 follows the philosophy that everything inside a contract is negotiable, but you must understand  that builders may be extremely reluctant to negotiate the base price of their homes - and they may have a good reason. 
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When you enter price negotiations with a builder, they are very concerned about keeping the neighborhood "comps" in different levels. This protects; that all the buyers investment in the new development is a solid one. It also protects the overall value of a residential development that will maintain its integrity as the months and years pass by. . 
Imagine how you would feel if you purchased your new home in Clarksburg for $450,000  only to have the same builder sell the same floor plan for $50,000 less to someone else in the near future?
 For that reason, with exception of "spec" homes and temporary builder incentives, it is better to negotiate incentives and upgrades.

 Watch the video below to learn what are the most negotiated incentives when buying a new home in Clarksburg MD



What is a "Spec" Home? 

Very simple definition, a  spec home is a house that is built on speculation. In other words, the construction company builds a home SPECulating that a buyer maybe found that would find the home desirable enough to buy it
Spec homes in Clarksburg is when a house is planned, designed, and built before a prospective buyer has even seen it.

The benefit for buyers is that Spec Homes offers an already constructed home and there is no waiting. . .you can move in right away
The disadvantages is that you are not going to participate in the choosing of the colors, floors, cabinets and special materials that personalizes a home for each homeowner.
Very few Spec Homes are available at any given time in Clarksburg. With the exception of a model home being sold because it is not needed anymore or a buyer that did not qualify for a particular house. . 
If you are interested in purchasing a brand new home, but you do not want to wait several months to have the home built from scratch, you might want to consider purchasing a spec home
If you are interested in buying a SPEC HOME, you would want to watch this video to find how negotiable are this types of homes in Clarksburg


The Price Games Builders Play?

We had a couple that was ready to sign, except there was no lots available that met their expectations.
The builder wanted to pressure our buyers in accepting any of the remaining lots available.

We know that one trick some builders use is to limit the number of lots in each phase. .and once they're gone, they will release the next section of lots.
So, I asked the builder when are they releasing the next phase of lots for construction?
The builder was reluctant at first but showed us another 5 lots that were ready for construction as soon as the reminder leftover lots were sold.
We forced the builder in allowing our client to choose one of the new lots and kept the same base price.
Builders play these games because they want to make more money for their investors. .not you!
Builders move on to the next phase, they raise prices and in some cases the leftover lots are then added to this new phase allowing the builder to raise prices in each subsequent section they release.

Of course the idea behind all this, is to create a sense of urgency on buyers that are not familiar of all their tactics. .
Our clients don't buy left over lots. .
We make sure of that. .
So the question is: 
Should you sign a contract where the price of the house is not set in stone?
The quick answer is NO!
Check this next video when you maybe forced in signing a contract without a base price.

Is Your Deposit At Risk?

This happened to many people in Maryland a few years ago in the middle of the housing crisis 2005-2007
Understanding  that many people had contracts with builders as the prices were going down and down.
In some cases builders went out of business and declared bankruptcy leaving would be homeowners with no house and no deposit to account for.
As you are aware, the deposit, sometimes called escrow/earnest money is a good faith deposit payment to tell the builder you are serious buying a home.
A few year ago, deposits were paid to builders that filed under the protection of a bankruptcy.
That deposit money was immediately included in the bankruptcy and getting your deposit back was a nightmare.

That is if . .your deposit was paid to the builder directly , you will then MOST LIKELY file a  legal action against that builder to recuperate your money.
. .along with all the other creditors.. .good luck on that!
As our client and prospective homeowner we seek in most cases a contractual provisions to protect your rights. 
One method is putting the money in a third-party escrow account, which it allows the deal to end if no product is rendered . .
Another method is your Real Estate Agent's Broker. They are required to have a separate account to protect their clients deposit and escrows while a transaction is being consummated
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Watch this video to learn what a "SPRINGING PROVISION " is inside a New home Purchase Contract with a builder. .It could save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!


"There is No Insulation In The Attic" 

I was representing the seller as he was selling his 4 year-old-house.
We had a buyer and they were doing the normal routine home inspection. Everything was going fine until the home inspector crawled up to the attic with his flashlight. . 

"There is no insulation in this attic!" 

He announced. .

As I quickly responded. ." you mean it needs MORE insulation?"

"NO!" he yelled back...
"There is not an ounce of insulation in this attic!" 

I was silent for a few seconds as I looked puzzled towards my client...

"Are you sure? " I asked as I started climbing up the ladder to see it with my own eyes.

Yep, sure enough... there was not even a dust mite of insulation on this attic... it was clean as a whistle!

"No wonder this house was so cold in the winters " shuddered my seller as of matter fact

"You lived in this house for 4 years with no insulation on your attic?!

Didn't you inspect this when you first purchased your home? I asked incredulously

"No, I thought they inspected the house before they gave me the keys". .answered the $600 per month heating bill dweller.

Guess what!

The builder will do what city inspector allows them to do. .they missed it and they sold you a brand new townhouse. .and somehow they forgot to put insulation...

As I called the builder for my client and demanded them to come in and FINISH BUILDING THIS HOUSE 4 YEARS LATER!

All builders offer warranties on their products. .

Watch this video to rate your builder's warranty instantly by just asking a simple question. . 

"Are All Square Feet Priced The Same in New Construction?" 

Of course not. .
Is like pricing and comparing cars based on how much they weight!

Vinyl flooring in a kitchen floor  is not the same as wood floors in another

Granite counters in one do not compare to cheap Formica counters in others. .

As a Buyer in today’s highly competitive new homes of Clarksburg Maryland, it is important to understand the often misleading and confusing "price per square foot" mistake.

Cost per square foot seems like a very fair way for novices to accept a price. . but not when you are represented by your own consultant.

We help you compare prices and builders INDEPENDENTLY.
We take consideration of all the variables.

Protect yourself! 

Protect your investment!
Hire us!

We help you to completely understand the conditions of your contract and the price of your new home.

It is the value you get by meeting with one of our consultants from Maxus Realty Group.

We have been networking with builders for a long time. .

SO we can get you the best deals out there!

I'm looking forward hearing from you. .

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