We Service The Relocation Needs For Military Families in:

  • Fort Belvoir
  • Fort Meade
  • Fort Andrews AFB
  • Fort Detrick
  • Quantico Base
  • Navy Yard
  • The Pentagon
We are: Expert Advisors who knows the "ins and outs" of the area plus understands the special needs that military families require.
Evaluation of new communities surrounding your base should begin with a cost of living analysis. Most likely the costs are substantially higher in the Washington Metropolitan area than in your present location, you will need the assistance of a professional real estate advisor to discuss the different options you have.
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                           Shouldn't you  visit any new city/town beforehand?


This is when we come in, when you are in town, let us take directly to the places that matters to you. Only after you have done a careful analysis of the places you may consider, you will feel comfortable with your decision to relocate in that exact place.

As soon as you contact us, your needs will be matched to the right person that knows the areas you are considering.


How can you make an educated choice of a new school for your children when relocating?

Finding new schools that are right for your children is a high priority for you and for us to guide you to this decisions

This requires in-depth research and we will give you all tools you need to make this decision worry free.

Usually, when you find an excellent school, the real estate market in the surrounding area is a favorable one as well. Selecting the right school maybe your priority BEFORE selecting the neighborhood you want to live in. .


Do you  have to be present for all phases of your relocation process?

This is when you need an advocate to help you in this situation.

With the help of new technology we have simplified the process for you already.

We use Docusign, a legal method to sign documents directly form your computer

We use videos, pictures and direct communication to possible areas that you may be considering on moving...as you can experience it even if you are on a base in Germany.


"When relocating to a new area, talking to neighbors is another form of home buying assessment. We advise you to do this on your own as we do our due diligence finding you the perfect home."


Should you consider VA Financing to buy your next home?



Do we qualify for any grants as a Military Family?




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