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Weirdest Requests From Home Buyers Ever! 
A Realtor in California reported that “When showing a home with a pack of 13 alpacas on the property, my client became attached to a baby alpaca, and therefore wanted to buy that one—and all of her friends, so it wouldn’t feel lonely—So an offer was sent for the house with the ALPACAS INCLUDED!
The Canadian dollar or loonie is under pressure amid weak oil prices and 
a strengthening U.S. currency. Today (March 2nd 2016) , the loonie dropped to 78.39 cents for a U.S dollar the lowest in a many years. Great place to travel this Summer or just go shopping in Canadian websites. . .you may find a bargain or two....
Back in the Market in Clarksburg Maryland $534,000
It means that they had a buyer and the financing fell trough! We know about these listings the moment they go back in the market...they are ready to accept a lower offer because of their situation and you can save a lot of money! ...Ask your Maxus agent to check for these listings when you are in the market to buy a house. SEE MORE ABOUT THIS HOUSE HERE
What to do this weekend?
Flamenco Vivo: Poema de Andalucia  If you've  ever witness live flamenco dancing, you know that it will charge you up inmediately with passion and make you instantly happy. Friday March 4th 8:00 PM @ The Strathmore . . .More 
Snow in the Ground Again. .
Black ice is a scary sounding term and for good reason: It leads to car accidents, injuries and a fear of walking outside in the winter. But are you responsible to clear this invisible menace if it’s on your property? If someone gets injured slipping in front of your house or on your property, the short answer is: You are responsible. You can use "Ice Melt" from Home Depot or just spread some sodium chloride (salt) to the areas where people may walk in front or around your house. . .$4 dollars for a can of salt vs $1000 for a lawsuit deductible...you do the math. 
I'm surrounded by tigers pictures, posters, rugs, cups and anything in between. My wife and kids think I'm crazy as I'm  obsessed with tigers. Perhaps I was reincarnated from one long time ago...but, what my loved ones do not understand is that a tiger represents an attitude for me. I always  encourage my son Alejandro when he plays soccer by telling him  "Play like a tiger today"  and explain . .that a tiger doesn't have to "ACT" like a tiger ...they are already a tiger...but us humans..we have a choice at anything we do ...either be like a cat or be like a tiger...your attitude always will reflect your altitude....Alejandro always chooses to play like a tiger....and that makes me a very happy papa!
Get a refi if possible, the rates have ONLY ONE WAY TO GO....UP! (They are at historic lows) 
Call me if you need a recomendation for a good loan officer...
Here are some tips for refinancing  see more
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