Take the uncertainty out of selling your home.  I know that you  expect full disclosure and fair dealings when you trust someone in representing you to sell your does your broker.
The problem for most sellers is that many listing contracts now contain a clause requiring the seller to pay a full commission if the property if is taken off the market before the contract expires or simply because of clear misrepresentation from the listing broker not bringing enough buyers to your property
for lack of advertisement  and/or poor marketing techniques.
Sellers wishing to simply withdraw their homes from the market because they changed their minds from selling must be very careful when signing a binding contract with a listing agent that may compromise your financial situation simply because you've changed your mind. It is the same point of view when you realize that your agent is not doing enough to help you sell your home.  
Guarantees comes from confidence that we can perform above your satisfaction. As long as there is full disclosure and fairness in your decision, "We feel that you have the right to terminate our listing agreement at any time"
Avoid getting trapped in a contract that could  bind you to pay a full commission regardless if your house sells or not.
When we say "No-Shackle-Listing" we are really saying to you that: If you see that we don't control a direct path for the sale of your property to sell, you have the right to control our agreement AND FIRE US AT ANY TIME! 

My Listing Presentation


listing presentation


                                                                                                                       Selling Your Home in 2015