Appropriate advertising is the key to exposure and helping buyers know that your property is available. We are never the ones deny the power of media but look for effective ways to harness its powers in the best interest of our clients. From print media to online advertising every avenue is explored for getting results. Our property promotion portrays your home as the prize catch of the season and this attracts attention from appropriate corners.

Does your Realtor® market to all buyers or just a few?                

Ignoring them could be a mistake. . .

Selling Houses to Hispanic Market
The U.S. Hispanic population is the largest minority segment in the Metro area and is growing at a dramatic rate. They are part of a vast change in ethnic plurality for our area that increases the chances that the buyer for your home will be . . someone speaking a different language with different tastes and different customs.
The Sale of your property may depend on Hispanics by virtue of major demographic changes occurring at a high rate inside our area.
Given that the age for a new home buyer is between 26 and 46 years old, Latinos will become a force in residential purchasing over the next ten years in the Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia areas.
How does this affect the marketing efforts to sell your house? Hispanics already make up at least 20 percent of possible buyers interested to buy for your house today in our region.Add another higher percentage from the consumer base that is composed by a mix of other ethnic minorities who live and work in and around the Washington Metro area. .You can have a huge advantage if your agent is including marketing specifically appealing to them.
For this reason alone, we have included Hispanics into our marketing systems that provides the edge in selling your home and include this part of the population. Indulge me and allow me to show you how we are found by Hispanic consumers by simply CLICKING HERE.
Our leadership is incomparable in this area, as the author for the book "Selling Houses in Two Languages" I have develop many relationships with business leaders throughout  the Washington DC Metro area where I educate businesses how to sell to the Hispanic Market. You can read my book HERE  

Does your Realtor® market to buyers from out-of-state? 


How Can We Attract Relocation Buyers For Your Home?
Relocation buyers come from multiple sources, they could be  referrals, online searches, national portals, social media, or direct connections.. To tap into the tremendous potential that a relocating buyer could end up buying your home, we have many sources to begin and build relationships with potential buyers.
The Washington Metro area has thousands of relocating families every single year and we leave no chance they missed our services by providing them relocation information guides.
See our site that captures relocating buyers easily  HERE.
..and now see us in action, how out-of-state buyers finds us on Google this way!

Does your Realtor® market to Relocating Military Families?


How Do We Attract "Military" Relocation Buyers?
We are after all associated with "Expert Advisors"who know the "ins and outs" of the Washington Metro area plus understands the special needs that military families require.
Evaluation of new communities surrounding their bases should begin with a cost of living analysis of that particular area and a sample of homes available that may suit their needs.
Military families frequent moves around the country and overseas puts them at a disadvantage when it come to housing and we fulfill that need.
See our site that captures relocating buyers HERE.
See us in action, how out-of-state buyers finds us on Google using our videos by clicking HERE

Does your Realtor® offers you solutions for a QUICK/CASH sale?

Is about having solutions and options for all our "Seller Clients"  We have solutions for sellers in all types of situations regardless of circumstances, no matter how unique or dire your particular situation may seem or be.
We know how to present your house to interested  investors, if you need to sell fast and need cash very quick.
We have helped many homeowners sell their properties and get out from debt or  bad situations.. even after  others told them their situation were hopeless..
Our  investors clients  buy houses in all price ranges, in all types of condition and from people in all types of situations.  
What we offer is creative solutions to get you 3 offers fast . .if selling it quick is what you need.
See our site that attracts many investors to join our unique marketing approach to help us add another option for our sellers.SEE IT HERE

Does your Realtor® markets your listing with property videos on first page of Google?


Real Estate Listings With Videos Receive 400% More Inquiries Than Those Without Videos 
Video has become an integral part that help us showcase all our listings. Is all about controlling the market, the competition and the consumer so we can oversee the message of our listings and help it being amplified to sell your home
YouTube is currently the second most visited site in the world in terms of average amount of time spent on the site. Consumers love video because it an extension of their viewing habits vs reading materials. In fact, they are much more likely to pay attention to my marketing listing videos than any other marketing material I use out there.
I'm proud of my achievement in obtaining over 735,000 views in my channel alone. We have over 677 produced videos and 322 subscribers that  get our videos directly to their accounts.
Let me show what I mean "controlling" the messages to help us sell our listings.
People that drive by any house for sale are most often reluctant to call agents for more information..feeling afraid of being sold, so they Google the address of the property to find the price and any other relevant information that may compel them to further consider your home for sale.
Most real estate agents allow third party companies like Zilllow,Trulia or Realtor.com to give this information to consumers.
Not us!
We rank on first page on Google in all our listings and we can guarantee that using our secret methods inside our valuable YouTube video channel.
But, I don't just  want to tell you that we do it. . I want to show you and give you  some examples of 3 listings where we easily controlled what information to consumers when they Google the address on any of our listings.
Now you know one of our "secrets" how we capture so many buyers!

 Support comes from many venues. . . 


Does your Realtor® have multiple resources in the Internet to compete for attention from all the National and Local sites? 

Today’s buyers rely increasingly on the Internet as their primary source of information and data about properties for sale.
With thousands of real estate sites now competing for attention, I can assure few agents understand that one single website on page 40 in Google does not cut it anymore. Very few agents have the time, the tools, or even resources that exploits the Internet’s value as a sales tool.
Did you know that we rank on Google Videos on #1 page for the search term "Homes For Sale in Maryland" -- WE HAVE 7 POSITIONS ON PAGE ONE!!!
That's right, we rank higher that any other real estate company in Maryland when it comes to videos.
We command and dominate the search term "Homes for sale in Maryland
But, I don't want to just tell you about it . .I want to proudly show it to you: JUST CLICK HERE 
That's a great indicator of our powerful systems in action.
We are subscribed to syndicate your listing to over 900 websites across the nation and have complete control to over 12 sites that are constantly pulling buyers from all angles.
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