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Associate Broker, Team Leader for Maxus Realty Group and Manager for Samson Properties in "RIO" Gaithersburg. MD 

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My name is Fernando Herboso, and I'm the manager Broker for Samson Properties in Gaithersburg, MD and the Maxus Realty Group of Samson Properties team leader. 

Our group of REALTORS® are ready to serve you in MD, DC & VA. As industry experts handling real estate transactions for more than 25 years, we provide the level of service, perspective, care and negotiating power that you deserve from day #1.  

We will hold your hand through every step of the process. We will counsel you from the very first step of obtaining your loan approval to deciding on the perfect home, while protecting your best interests at all times. 

Our group of professionals keeps an extensive referral network of professional and reliable attorneys, mortgage consultants, contractors, designers, movers and every possible vendor you might need for a smooth and successful process.

Below you will find a complete guide to understanding the process of buying your first home with 35 Questions You Should Ask

Please give me a call if you would like a private consultation about buying your first home: 301-246-0001 email to 

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Fernando Herboso 


"If you answered yes to these questions, you are probably ready to buy a home."


Create a ‘I Want’ list and answer these questions.


A home over the long term offers many financial benefits well worth your investment.


Create a ‘I Can Afford ’ sheet and calculate the answers to these questions.


Choose a neighborhood that is most likely to increase in value! (People like living in.)


Invest quality time when searching out school related information. 


Your real estate agent can provide information for any home on the MLS. 


A home is both a long term investment for equity gain and for immediate tax benefits.