Falling Traps:

Watch for these warning signs when you are seeking a LOAN MODIFICATION:
  • A guaranty to stop the foreclosure process. .  no matter your circumstances!! You should not allow anyone take chances on your future. . no one can guarantee you this . .only the investor that owns your loan!
  • They instructs you not to contact your lender, lawyer or credit or housing counselor. .and let them do ALL THE TALKING for you. . .this is your future at hand. .don't trust a clerk with 100 files to work on your file and give up at the very first busy signal.
  • They want to collects a fee before providing any services to you. . HELLO? don't pay unless you see results first!
  • They recommend that you make your mortgage payments directly to their loan modification company. .  rather than your lender.  CALL YOUR LENDER FIRST and ASK THEM THIS and see WHAT THEY TELL YOU!
Remember, in a loan modification, you are buying your home again. . .at what price?
After interviewing over 200 distressed homeowners in the last 3 years. . I can assure you without a doubt that a LOAN MODIFICATION with no PRINCIPAL REDUCTION can only benefit your BANK!
Fernando Herboso 
Broker for Herboso & Associates llc


Get the facts from a distressed property expert that has the ability to help you avoid a foreclosure by doing a Short Sale today!


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