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More Information About Short Sales in Montgomery County Below..

Short Sales in Montgomery County Maryland

What is a Short Sale?

A short sale in real estate is where your lender looks to cut their losses by agreeing to a reduced payoff of your loan in exchange for not having to foreclose on the property. 

During a short sale situation, the borrower is still the owner of the property. Unlike a foreclosed property where the mortgage company becomes the legal owner of the property

The final successful result for a short sale is to obtain an acceptable approval from the lenders to sell the property as the seller gets assurances for a complete removal from a deficiency judgment 

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What is a Short Sale? 

What is the Process of a  Short Sale?

A short sale is born out of a need when a homeowner realizes that there is no other recourse. . either let the lender foreclose or ask the lender to approve a short sale

The process of a short sale begins with identification of your current financial situation and the need to make a decision
Then comes the qualification period where you ask. .
"Do I qualify for a short sale?
This is when you should seek the services of a real estate short sales specialists agent.

Gathering documentation is the next step of the process and them put your home on the market

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How Can a  Short Sale Specialist Help Me?

Hiring a Short Sale Specialist is not required to close a short sale transaction. However, it would be prudent to team up with someone that specializes in Short Sales for the best results possible

A true professional that is in the "trenches’ daily with all of the lenders, someone that will help you navigate the lender changes and requirements placed on sellers.

Another trait of a true short sale specialist is that you should never pay upfront fees for negotiating or have fees paid outside the transaction. 

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ALL short sales specialists need from you

How to Short Sale My Home in Montgomery County MD?

Hiring a Short Sale Specialist should be your first and the last step you take alone.
Find someone that you can trust, someone that has experience and trust. .
Someone who is considered a  short sales specialist.
This is not time to take a chance. .
by hiring your cousin or any real estate agent
DO your homework and only work with the best..
the charge is the same to you $0.00 

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How to Qualify For a Short Sale in Montgomery County MD?

3 Main areas that are considered to qualify for a short sale

  • Financial Hardship
  • A Monthly Shortfall 
  • Insolvency 

Watch the video below where I discus other ways to qualify for a short sale  learn in Montgomery County Maryland 

How Does a Short Sale Affect my Credit?

The Credit Impact for a Foreclosure vs Short Sale can be dramatically different. 

In our current challenging market, many homeowners are faced with the decision to try a short sale or just let the property go to foreclosure.

Watch the video below where I discus how a short sale may affect your credit

Why Do We Use an Attorney 

To Help Us In All Our Short Sales?

A short sale negotiator negotiates with the lender representatives. 
An inexperienced negotiator could  put the entire transaction at risk when there is no proficiency in the following areas: 

  •  Refuting the banks assertions of current market value. 
  • Negotiating more than just a release of the lien(s).
  • Negotiating deletion of Promissory Notes and Deficiency Judgments stipulations, etc.
  •  Ability to escalate a short sale transaction to the proper individual or department within the lender organization.

Watch the video below where I discus how our team works to get our short sales approved

Short Sales in Montgomery County Maryland