Home did not sell


I know, you want to get on with life, you want to get your home sale behind you . . . but no one has stepped forward to make you an offer.

"Why is this happenning?"....

Hello, my name is Fernando Herboso, broker for Maxus Realty Group in Maryland.  The reason why you are here is because you've run across one of our marketing materials..

One of my daily routines every morning is to scan the "EXPIRED" market in the areas where I serve. Without fail, sometimes dozens of homes failed to sell in a daily basis.

From Montgomery County, to Frederick county and PG County even million dollar homes in Potomac. . . Homes fail to sell every day one after another. . .


As an example, did you know?



If  you are still interested in selling your house after it expired, start making plans today to make a commitment to do what it takes to get it sold. Don't commit these fatal five (5) mistakes and get ready to take the right step in hiring a competent agent who gives you honest information and advice on the 6 major components of a home sale that assures you a happy conclusion.

First, let's review the major FIVE MISTAKES (5) sellers tend to make after their home expired...

selling your expired home

If you were thinking you weren't popular...wait until your home expires and your phone will be ringing off the hook!

Realtors are trained to call expireds every chance they get. They are eager to tell you how good they are and why they are the #1 agent in their office! .... on the hopes that out of frustration and desperation, you believe their pitch and agree to meet with them.  

Some of them will even call your grandmother, so they can find a way to reach you and tell you how good they are.

Calling you 10 times in a row should not qualify them as the best agent to hire. . .should you decide to list your house again....

buyers for my home

"I may have a buyer" 

Sure, this is a great thing to hear when you are trying to sell your home...but

Do they really? 

If they had a buyer, why didn't they bring them to your home when it was listed before? 

"Ok, I "may" have a buyer, but I need to look at your house first, when can I meet with you?" 

If they had a buyer, they will not be attempting to find a home the hard way. . all they have to do is look at the MLS, there are hundreds of homes for sale there!

price of a home

Amazingly enough, they seemed convinced that the only reason your home did not sell was the price. Now they are trying to convince you without looking at all the facts.

How do they know your listing was overpriced without stepping foot on your home? 


selling your home

Before you attempt to sell your home again, and this time as a "For Sale By Owner"  I would like the opportunity to meet with you to discuss an entirely new selling strategy.

I believe a fresh approach, renewed energy, and proven targeted marketing tactics using my marketing systems will help reposition and sell your property quickly...at top price.

don't give up selling your home

Right about now you may be feeling frustrated and disappointed that my industry has failed you. I don't really blame you!

You put your home up for sale because you were looking at a next step. Your family future plans were dependent on selling your home and moving where your dreams take you. . . let me help you get there as soon as possible..and, please accept my apologies.


This is my offer: 

Let me guide you trough the process of how to sell your home for the most amount of money...and control the timing to move out exactly at the best possible time for you.

Having SOLD hundreds of homes since 1990, I determined that every single sale of a house has 6 major key components: 


components of every sale

There are six (6) essential key components on every home sale that must happen.

The reason your home did not sell is because one of them was missing and came out short.

They are: 


My role as your AGENT revolves around  the first 3 components 


That I can do ...and I do it very well.


The role of the SELLER is always about the next two components.


Your input on this is very simple, tell me when you need to move and if you want to offer any special terms.


The state of the local market determines the last component. It is out of your reach as a seller, your agent, the buyer and the buyer's agent. . . 


The price of your home is validated by the appraisal performed by the buyer's lender.

An appraisal is an independent  professional appraiser's opinion of value based on a property's market analysis as compared to recent sales for similar properties in the area.

An appraisal or Appraiser can not be influenced by the seller(s), the buyer(s) or the agents representing each of their own interests.


Look, I know that talk is cheap. You are being overwhelmed by the calls  from all the Realtors claiming "Your price was too high",  “I know why your home didn't sell”, and “I’m a specialist”, I may have a buyer for you  “I have a marketing plan”... and on and on.

It can be very confusing 

If your plans still include moving, please allow me to sit down with you end the hassle in having to deal with unknown Realtors day and night (literally)...and let's discuss your options. 

I promise you: 

  • I will not ask you for your listing. You make that decision yourself.
  • I will promise and not deliver a pipe dream of hopes . I will be honest and candid with you about your home , your situation and what are our chances in selling your home on your terms.
  • I will communicate with you constantly during the process should you decide to hire me. 
  • I will promise  you an easy exit listing agreement that will put you in control. . .in case you are not satisfied for any reason at any time!

If you're ready to put your home back on the market, successfully this time, then give me a call today and let's get together with no obligations whatsoever

I look forward hearing from you.

Thank You, 


Fernando Herboso 

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