"I Don't Want to Hire You To Sell My House,... "



FSBO: "I Don't Want to Hire You To Sell My House, When I'm Ready, I Prefer to Call my Realtor Friend Before You Anyways...He SOLD my Last House in JUST TWO DAYS!!!?" 

ME: "You left money on the table then..."
FSBO: "What do you mean leaving money on the table?" 
ME: "First of all, did you want or meant to sell it in two days?"
FSBO: "No, it just happened that way...." 
ME: "The reason why I think you left money on the table is because  if you SOLD your house in ONLY TWO DAYS...I can assure you it was UNDER-PRICED!" 


FSBO: "Excuse me???  How do you know all that??? "

ME: "Any house that sells in two days is under-priced to begin with... There was no time for any marketing to work on your listing. . . the only reason why it sold in two days was because it was a BARGAIN for the buyers...not because your Realtor was any good" 

FSBO: "I don't know how can you . . . . 

ME: "I'm sorry that I have to say this to you now...but I you may be making the same mistake once again, and this is my advice before you hire your Realtor friend again."
"Your price SOLD your house...
"You could've hired my 12 year old daughter and achieve the same results. .
You see, to achieve TOP DOLLAR for your house, you need a comprehensive marketing plan that INCLUDES the time necessary to take it's full effect."
"Anyone can sell a house at BOTTOM DOLLAR. . 
But to sell your house for TOP DOLLAR. .
you need a good agent that understands the way houses are priced, marketed and sold" 
"Please watch this video that I prepared just for you to explain my strategy HOW TO SELL YOUR HOME FOR TOP DOLLAR"




"What's My Car's Value and ...My House Please? "

 Q: Any recommendations for the best website to look for sold homes in order to pull comps for ourselves?

 Question asked and answered on DCUrbanmom.com
A: You know car companies have this done correctly!
If you have a 2012 Honda Accord for sale, they will tell you what an average car with average miles costs?...and that is just the beginning of an estimated value...
Then they ask questions to adjust this value..
How many miles?
Any accidents?
Any premium wheels? 
size of engine?
Automatic or manual?
Accessory packages? 
Any Extras? CD Player, leather seats...etc
They even ask for your area...zip code, for a more accurate report
What about houses? 
They ask you for your address...


Here's your value!

"Fifty Shades Of Listings Gone Bad "

 Q: What's The Longest Its Taken To Sell a House in the Washington DC Metro Area? 

Feeling down about the fact that my perfectly lovely house - which is in a different state - has been on the market 110 days with no offers.

Not asking for advise on how to sell my house faster, just wondering what was the longest it took to sell a home in this area?


Maybe it will help me feel better knowing that EVENTUALLY my house will sell. 

A:This is more for amusement than constructive to help you sell your home faster.   

To answer your question, I did a quick search on the MLS to find who has the dubious distinction of having SOLD their home for the longest time period in the Metro area...
This is what I found: 
There was a  house in Washington DC that took 3117 DAYS!! to sell.. . 
What is amusing is that the agent put into the remarks section of the listing: 
"Owner Wishes for a Quick Sale" 


Talk about Fifty Shades of punishment for this poor seller...



"The Neighbor From Hell"

 Q: I just arrived in DC yesterday. Before my movers were scheduled to come I had a guy come out to give me an estimate on putting a fence in front of the rowhouse I just bought. I haven't even met my neighbors yet. And the next thing I know my neighbor if raising his voice at me telling me that "we are going to have a problem" if I put up a fence and we are going to be getting off on the wrong foot. Never mind the fact that I had literally met this man ten seconds prior to this. I went in the house and listened to the fence guy and honestly won't do the fence because it is way more expensive than I anticipated. But I don't want to make this guy think that he won. He kept on going on about how the neighborhood used to be a certain way and there is his mom has been there fifty years and he grew up in this house and no one else on the block has fences. 

I am really at a loss. I have read over and over how you should be mindful of older residents and try to be accommodating, but I literally don't know what to do when I get accosted about something I'm only thinking about doing only 24 hours after moving in. 

I'm thinking about putting a fence up for spite. 

What would you guys do?

                                                                                                                                     Question asked and answered on DCUrbanmom.com
A: Definitely don't do anything just for spite.

The moment you do that..
you lose
your honor
your principles.. .



"A Savvy Investor"

 Q: Where are all the good deals now that foreclosures in Maryland have decreased numbers? 

A: I got news for you. Foreclosures have NOT decreased, on the contrary, foreclosures for the state of Maryland have increased when you compare it to last year’s numbers.
According to the latest “Corelogic National Foreclosure Report” Foreclosures in the nation,  have dropped down 34.3% overall since December 2013. The bad news for Maryland is that we are in the top 7 states with the most foreclosures as of February 2015


"The Smart Wife"

Q: My wife and I are having a discussion. She says we should buy a house now and I really think that we should wait for later on the year to buy and see if prices get cheaper... Who is right? Do you think prices will come down? 

A: A great question to ask and congratulations my friend...you have a very smart wife! 

Aside the fact that the decision to buy a home should be timed based on your needs and not the market, let me give you an explanation of what we are expecting on prices this year....read more 


"I Think my Realtor Wants To Fire Me!"

Q: After signing a listing agreement with a Realtor,  he called me out of the blue and wants to cancel our listing agreement! , I think he got offended after I asked him to change things on his fliers and the listing remarks....isn't he obligated to market my home when we have a signed listing agreement?  Can I complain to the board of ethics? 

A: Let me get this straight, you suspect that your Realtor fired you as soon as you told him how to do his job? Of course he is obligated to market your home after signing a listing agreement with you..  .but there is also a clause to protect both of you (check your contract) . .saying that either party can initiate the cancellation of the signed listing agreement. Besides, he quit after he felt some heat from you and I believe is best for both parties to part ways ....specially when there is no connection between the Realtor and the Seller.

Even if he was obligated to work with you, why would you want too?  He's already shown you what he's made of. . .to market and sell a home, you need a strong spine and thick skin  when those low ball offers or home inspection items come flying towards  you.. . your Realtor is your shield and that is the reason why you need a strong person representing you.

As far as the board of ethics. If your Realtor acted in accordance of the signed listing agreement. . .you don't have a complaint. He has as much right to cancel a listing agreement as you have.