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Tips You Should Know To Get Your Home Sold Fast For                               The Highest Amount and Less Hassle!

Your home is more likely your largest asset and deciding to sell your home is not a decision that you should take lightly. Everyone wants to sell their home for top dollar, fast and for the least amount of money.

The following videos will give you details on some important facts when selling a home

Ignoring them and it could cost you lots of money.

Why I'm doing this? I'm sharing my secrets of over 20 years in selling homes because it is my genuine desire to help you get started with a sample of our marketing strategy. . when you are ready, I wil be honored to assist you personally.


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Determine your home's value with your head.., not your heart!

Nothing is more important for the sale of your property than starting with a solid foundation of a good and realistic price




You don't need a Make-Over . . Just Move It Over!

Besides the skeletons  on your closet. . somethings are better off hiding them . . .before putting your property on the open market:


real estate

Why are you selling? A Trick Real Estate Agents use. .

In this case, less information could actually help you sell your home for more money. . this is how you should handle it. . 


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What to do with a LOW BALL OFFER?

Removing emotions from the process of selling your home can be rewarding if applied properly.  The key to a successful sale has always been  to remove the emotion from the equation. If you are doing it yourself  this is hard to do.. see how I advise my clients when we receive a low ball offer. .



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Still on the market?  . . don't wait any longer!

How long is too long? It's not an exact science how long you should try, but there are some helpful indicators that should not be ignored and time is not your friend anymore. . 




Make buyers bite with this trick. . . 

Quick, what sounds better?  a list price of $250,000 or $1600 per month?

What is a better price? $300,000 or $299,900?

Should you advertise a 6 bedroom house as a 4 bedroom with extra rooms? 

The answers are all inside. ..



In life you don't get what you deserve. .you get what your negotiate!

Nothing happens by accident in a negotiation of price in real estate. . outcomes reflect knowledge, preparation, planning and techniques that could assure you the best outcome. . how you negotiate will determine your success. . 

See these tricks I use when I'm representing my client.



short sales

If you can't sell it. . .short sell it? 

Even if your home is barely underwater, you may just get an approval from your lender to sell it for less than what you owe. .this is the process you should follow. . 




Drooling techniques for buyers to love your house

Think about this fact:  Prospective buyers have probably been shopping around for a while. They've seen house after house, kitchen after kitchen, they are tired and confused. . and to make matters worse, they’re getting pickier and pickier as they go along. This trick will help you get some fresh perspective on the first impression your home is making. . .so you can stick like a sore thumb. . .in a good way.





Beware of INVISIBLE termites & bed bugs!

Finally, you have found a buyer for your house after many months  trying to sell your house. . .except they pull a last minute trick to make you reduce your selling price some more. . get informed now!




Are your NEIGHBORS FROM HELL keeping you from selling?. . This is what I do . . 

Selling a house is difficult enough without having bad neighbors derailing your efforts to sell your home. You know the type. . the weeded yard that looks like a jungle, the barking dogs, the old cars and trash all around their house. Be very careful . .don't fall into this trap!




A lender's letter with a hope and a prayer!

Online fake approvals are a good way to stop the sale of your property at the last minute. . how can you be sure?

Take notes on this one!




Internet scams you should protect yourself when selling on your own. .

Combine a bad economy, desperate people and Internet connection and you could the target from con artists posing as landlords and targeting renters with your house as their bait. . Keeping an eye on Craigslist is not enough. .. do this as well. .



My dedication to the pursuit of quality seller representation in MD, DC  or VA is my relentless determination to achieve perfection in my craft for the benefit of all my clients. I believe that my team of Real Estate Professionals  are uniquely qualified to give you the results you are looking for as a seller.

No matter if you are selling today or maybe years down the road, please contact me for all your real estate needs. You are going to like the way we do business.




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