Sell Your House in Maryland FAST - GET A CASH OFFER IN JUST A FEW DAYS!

If you need to sell your house FAST / for Cash --AS IS.  Our program to sell your house wholesale is the best way to protect yourself from greedy investors with low ball offers.

"Receive immediate Offers from Investors To Buy Your House Today" is the perfect solution for you. 

Our Fast Sale Program will bring you immediate Offers To Buy Your House. We bring your house in front of over 1000+ Active Investors in the Washington Metro Area as THEY WILL COMPETE AMONGST EACH OTHER to give you their best and highest offer right away.

There are no commission charges to the seller, with our "Investor Option"  we make investors pay it ALL!
We will bring you more than one offer TO CHOOSE FROM.
This should be an easy choice  for smart sellers in the Maryland area who want to sell their house fast
As an alternative, you can also offer your house to "ALL THE PUBLIC" FOR MAXIMUM PAYOFF...and SELL IT AS IS, - This will require you to pay some Realtor commissions but, it will also allow you to sell it for the maximum amount your house may be worth. 
This also requires a little more time, but potentially it could bring several thousands of dollars net more for your house. 
It's Your Choice 
Sell it for more and wait a little longer, as the commission fees you pay in this case become an investment to get you more money at the closing table. 
or can offer it to investors exclusively and let them pay ALL THE COMMISSIONS selling it right away.
To sell it as traditional listing, we offer you our exclusive real estate selling solution that could save you thousands of dollars off - from traditional listing fees. 


Our Easy Process

  • You contact us 
  • We evaluate by phone
  • We meet to complete a detailed house history data form
  • We present it to over a 1000 of local investors in our database
  • We bring you offers
  • You pick the best offer
  • We take care of the rest


These investors want to BUY your house 

We push them to act fast and get into a bidding mode on your behalf.
Depending on your situation, they can buy your house AS IS and pay ALL CASH, They may even take over your payments, take over bad tenants, even if the house has severe mold issues, foundation problems. .etc

They buy your house AS IS and WHERE IT IS!

And we are the one to make it happen for you!


We have solutions for sellers in all types of situations regardless of circumstances, no matter how unique or dire your particular situation may seem or be. 

We know how to present your "deal" to these investors, 
We have helped many homeowners sell their properties and get out from debt or bad situations.. even after others told them their situation is hopeless..

These investors buy houses in all price ranges, in all types of condition and from people in all types of situations. 
Is all about creative solutions to get you offers fast 
Let us show you how we can do that for YOU Today!

Buy My House in Maryland FAST!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this home buying program work?
A: We do not have a "one size fits all" program. We first need to discuss your situation and analyze your property in order to determine if you are the right candidate to receive offers from investors.
All situations are unique and must be dealt with care and understanding. 
Our easy process is as follows

  • You contact us by calling 301-246-0001
  • We evaluate your situation on the first call by phone
  • We then meet to complete a detailed house history data form, take pictures and review your overall situation.
  • We then prepare a presentation to present it to over 1000 of local investors in our database highlighting the opportunity and urgency of the matter
  • Our next step is bringing you offers for you to consider with no obligation from your part
  • You pick the best offer and approve of our involvement to help you finalize it
  • We take care of all the details and you get paid
Q: How much do you charge for your services?
A: We do not charge sellers any money, we get all our fees paid by the investors. The exact same way we sell short sales. We help homeowners sell their houses as short sales and the lender pays all of our commissions.
Q: Then who do you represent, the investor or the seller in this case?
A: As Realtors we can not represent the buyers, we represent only the sellers. There is a fiduciary service that we perform for you and one of them is to make certain that you are getting paid the most money for your house when you need to sell it fast. 
We leverage the fact that investors need to find homes and we make them compete for your property. 
You can be certain that investors bidding on your house will make a higher offer than you alone finding... one single investor to buy your house cheap and with no competition.
Q: What locations do they buy property in?
A: At this point, they will consider buying anywhere in Maryland. But the main focus from our investors is: Montgomery County,PG County, Howard County, Frederick County, Baltimore County, Carrol County, DC  and Northern Virginia in some cases.
Q: What types of property do they buy?
A: They will consider all types of real estate and in all price ranges including: 
  • Single-family Homes
  • Condos
  • Townhouses
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Commercial Properties
  • Vacant lots 
  • Land
Q: What type of offer amount should I expect from these investors?
A: A much higher offer than if you receive it from just one single investor....I'm certain of this...
You have to know that investors are there to make money and that is how they make a living. You have to give them room for profit, otherwise, you should assume their role and spend money to bring your property to optimum condition and sell it for a lot more.
Our Fast Sale Program is only for sellers that do not have the money nor the time to sell their homes
Our part is to make a win-win situation for the seller and investor... 
Q: What if I'm behind on my mortgage payments? 
A: Depends on your situation, in most cases YES!
Investors can make an offer as we bring a solution for all parties to collaborate to make the deal happen..and we can include your mortgage holder into the deal if we need to.
Q: What if I have my house rented to tenants from hell?
A: This is no problem for investors, they know the law and assume all the risks of eviction and enforce any lease conditions you may have with the tenants. 
Q: How much my closing costs will be?
A: Zero, we will ask the investors to pay for all closing costs... assuming the normal. .in some cases even liens from others can be reasonably negotiated with investors to pay them off for a clear title...
We bring solutions to the table and I can assure our experience will be a formidable tool to make it happen for you.
Q: Tell me one more time, if I choose the Investors Program to sell my house,  I do not pay Realtor commissions right?
A: Zero, the buyers pay our commissions.
We entice and bring the investors the deals and that is exactly why they are willing to pay for all the costs. 
Q: Am I obligated to accept any of the offers?
A: Absolutely not, there is no obligation on your part until YOU DECIDE to accept one offer. You can terminate this process at any time before acceptance.
Q: My property needs a lot of repairs, has mold, foundation problems and it looks ready for a hoarder's prevention program. .so I still get 3 offers?
A: Absolutely, they will take care of all the repairs, clean out the junk. .you can even leave the food in the refrigerator if you want... they are ready to buy it now AS IS!
Q: Pueden ayudarme en Español? 
A: Con todo gusto, Español es nuestro lenguage nativo. Llame al 301-246-0001 y estamos a su disposicion.
Q: OK, I'm ready to do it, what is my first step?
A: One call, that's all. .or fill out this form. .we cut the B.S. out!
Just call 301-246-0001, tell us you want to sell your house under our FAST SALE PROGRAM, answer a few questions and we'll do the rest!

When We Say "Buy My House in Maryland FAST!"

 We Mean It!



We Can Help!

About the author: Fernando Herboso has over 23 years of real estate experience. .read the rest

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