Sept. 9, 2015

How To Sell Your Home - You Are Selling a Lifestyle, Not a House..

Home Selling Guide -

“How To Sell Your Home”

"The complete guide to sell your home for the most money and the timing that fits your plans”

100 - Point Plan To Sell Your Home For The Most Money.  

The sale of your home isn’t quite as simple as sticking up a ‘for sale’ sign and waiting for the buyers to come to you. Here is an overview of 100 things of the various steps involved in selling a property. You can use this list as a guide when selling a house or call a professional listing broker to take care of it for you.

I’ve included various marketing tips along the way that will be part of my new book on “Marketing Tips To Sell A Home” scheduled to be published sometime in 2016


#1  The First Impression Counts! –

From the moment the prospective buyers drive up to your property, they are judging your home. I've seen personally when buyers don't even bother to come inside because they have already made up their mind at a first glance. Your front yard, your entrance and every single room or space in a home should be a “wow” of some sort, providing something that is beyond what’s expected to the prospective buyer. First impressions apply to each and every single room or space in a home as well.


#2  Appeal to everyone –


Try to appeal to everyone who might come through your property by using neutral designs throughout your house.. from the colors of the walls to furniture, even statues and paintings on the wall. You must remain neutral and not force a strong conviction that would only appeal to a smaller percentage of your visitors.


#3  You are selling a lifestyle..not a house –

From all my years of experience and talking to perhaps thousands of people about homes and real estate. I ascertained this concept which I found it to be true and factual over and over again. Most buyers are shopping for a new lifestyle...not a house. All your marketing materials should refer to this fact.


#4  Don't Take it Personal –  

As soon as a house is in the market, it becomes a product and is all business from there. You can't avoid the emotional aspects of selling a home...but you better hide them well if you want to sell it for the most money at a timing that fit your plans.


#5  Be Committed To Getting Your Home Sold –  

Selling a home with a "just testing the water" attitude will not lead you to a positive outcome. Specially when it comes to the pricing of the property.  Every house has a reputation and you need to protect it. As you accumulate "Days On Market" your chances of getting your home sold for the highest amount it can bear is almost impossible. You will end up attracting only low-ball offers looking for a bargain as your home sits unsold  with the appearance that "there must be something wrong with that property being in the market so loooong!". Commit to sell or wait until you are…


#6  Hiring The Right Professional –

You need guidance, advice and direction from an experienced professional if you want to sell it for the most money. Know the difference when a commission is an EXPENSE versus when a commission is an INVESTMENT for you. Every single location, town or place in the USA is littered with discounted services that have only ONE VALUE TO OFFER : Their low commissions! A commission should never be an expenditure ...rather it should be an investment to help you get the most money for your house at a timing that fits your plans


#7  Pricing Your Home To Sell –

Know the facts and study it carefully . The pricing of your home should not be set on hope, automatic computerized CMA's and/or  false homeowner illusions. The price of your home should be set by square foot comparisons, current local market conditions, major improvements or lack of , pending sales, sold comps and the number of similar active listings in the area. You need guidance, advice and direction from an experienced professional to set the right price to sell, follow their advice and don't look back.


#8  When To Sell and When to Fold –  

If timing is unimportant to you, selling it on the "right season" could bring you better results. In general,  Spring marks the beginning of the busiest home-selling and home-buying season in most areas, followed by the Summer, Fall and Winter. If you are selling your home, finding the "optimal time to sell" should be considered, if you want to sell it for the most money. Beware that there are also other major factors involved on this. Competition numbers, local market conditions and local impact changes like a new plant or factory nearby...all or some may affect the timing when to put your home for sale. Your agent should advise you if you don't have any preferences, as they have their pulse in the local market and put your home for sale during the most optimal time.







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Aug. 27, 2015

Does Your Credit Score Drops If You Check Your Own Credit?

Does Your Credit Score Drops

If You Check Your Own Credit? 

A question that many new home buyers ask themselves when looking to buy a home.

The advice from your friends and family comes in different versions but has the same message: Don't check your credit scores  often...because it will drop for too many inquiries.

Over the years, I saw some lenders and loan officers use this excuse in order to keep their prospects from shopping around fro better rates with their competition..

Under normal circumstances, you are allowed to shop for a mortgage when you are buying a home.

Every credit inquiry you approved for someone to take is either

A Hard Inquiry

or a 

Soft Inquiry

A Hard Inquiry will affect your credit scores

A Soft inquiry MAY NOT affect your credit scores f you are shopping around for a better rate

You are not going to be punished if you are shopping for the best rate for a certain period of time, this could be 14 days or more...

CAUTION: This only applies when you are shopping for the same type of credit . 

When you are shopping for a mortgage to buy a house


When you are shopping for a car and you want the best rates..

either or....but don't mix them!

Here's a handy chart with 6 Myths About Credit Scores


Myths About Credit Scores


After making the decision to buy a home, 

The best advice I can give you is to find an advocate to your needs.

A person or a group that will supply you with the best advice and chart a detailed  direct road to home buying based on your particular needs without any generalizations..

We want to be that person for you, 

Please Start Here: Home Buying Assistance


MD Real Estate

Home Buyers Tips







Aug. 12, 2015

How Rita Outsmarted Her Friends Buying This Home

How Rita Outsmarted Her Neighbors Buying This Home


"Hi Rita, are you ready to go and look for homes? "

That was my question to one of my customers that landed on my real estate website a few week ago,

"I'm not ready yet, I have some issues on my credit. .. " 

Her answer was typical from a lot of renters that " know" they want to buy a home but, there is always something holding them from taking the next step. 

Either there is a money issue or a credit issue. . 

Fortunatley, Rita decided to work with us to prepare her to be a homeowner.

"Rita, do you know what is the first step we take if you decide to work with my company to help you buy a home? "

Rita though about her answer for a moment and responded a little unsure of her response...

"You'll send me a lot of homes to look at?"  

"Nope" I quickly corrected her.

The first thing we do for a prospective buyer client is helping them get prepared

Our preparation consist not only a quick review of their credit but, 

We analyze with the help of capable professionals, what they need to know to increase their purchasing power when buying a home 

Here is a chart detailing this point from our friends at Keeping Current Matters@


With each quarter percent increase, Rita's purchasing power decreases more and more. The prediction for 2016 is that Interest rates will continue to climb higher and higher as demand for houses increases..

The good news for Rita, 

She decided to works with us, 

We showed her the way "How To Increase Her Credit Score" quickly 

While helping her prepare for her purchase, 

We gave her information on the  NACA program to see if she can qualify, 
We also saved her a lot of money because Rita was a "Maryland First Time Homebuyer

We also got her information about some Government Grants that she could qualify for... to save even more money

...and of course, helping our prospective clients before buying a home, we go trough a list of all possible programs and scenarios that may help them save even more money.. 

Here's a partial list we utilize

  • CDA
  • Fannie Mae NO PMI Program
  • USDA Zero Down Loan Program
  • Good Neighbor Next Door Program
  • Fannie Mae HomePath Renovation Program
  • Down Payment Assistance and Grant Programs
  • HUD Home Loan Program
  • Streamline 203k Renovation Loan Programs
  • VA or Veteran Loan Plus Program


Only after we review all of this in Ritas's case, is when we sent her a list of possible homes to look at. . 


Rita outsmarted her neighbors in her apartment building because she knew this by heart. .

first time homebuyers


The funny thing. . her new mortgage payments are now less than the landlord's rent she was paying before !


If you want the same "Rita" treatment from our group of talented professionals, 

Please give us a call


For MD, DC and VA

English and Spanish



 Stop looking!

You've found us!

Call us now! 301-246-0001

Aug. 12, 2015

Homes Next To The Outlets in Clarksburg Maryland : Cabin Branch

Homes Next To The Outlets in Clarksburg Maryland 

 Cabin Branch New Homes For Sale

Cabin Branch in Clarksburg MD has grown immensely these last couple years. Located next to the future Clarskburg Premium Outlets. 
Winchester Homes is the builder and developer for 1500 planned homes and the construction has not stopped since the first dirt was displaced to make room for the birth of this wonderful community
Cabin Branch is  unique neighborhood surrounded by Parks and plenty of open space that will  get you off the couch and that is not counting the shopping you can do at a walking distance in the new Premium Outlets Center set to be in full operation in 2016.
Next to outlets
About Clarksburg: 
Clarksburg Maryland has already been accepted as one of Montgomery County "Best Places To Live" . The introduction of this  new home master planned community just outside the west side of I-270  has been designed to amplify that position.
Nature has been preserved for your enjoyment just around the corner from Cabin Branch. Surrounded by natural wooded rolling hills and a short walk away from Black Hill and Little Seneca Regional Park
 Model Home
The community center for Cabin Branch will be the axis of fun for all the lucky residents that will enjoy a variety of fun, shopping and entertainment within a stone's throw from their backyards. An Amphitherate, planned pools, a manicured soccer field and the list gos on and on..

Our Offer: 
Enjoy our knowledge and take advantage of the specials we can provide to you as major players selling  New Construction homes  in Clarksburg area.
Call us for guided weekend tour at no charge and no obligation whatsoever.
We can even arrange for you a comparison tour between this new community and the surrounding Clarksburg Village, Grapevine at Town Center and all major construction area of Clarksburg Maryland

How can we help you? 301-246-0001

Master bedroom


Clarksburg's Cabin Branch is located West Side of Exit #18 I-270





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July 26, 2015

Why Isn't My House Selling? Home Selling Tips

Why Isn't My House Selling? Home Selling Tips 


I received the following eMail after a video I posted on my page for "Home Not Selling Forum

This relates to Home Absorption Rates and how to use it and help you sell a home.. .


"Hi Fernando, just listen to your Youtube video...have ???
well as you said try to be in 1st position to sell your home quicker..
we feel that we are but what happens when buyer to comparing to other town that are
a little cheaper and get more home for the money....
as for my home in my town we look in great position 1st or 2nd..
had so many viewing but no offers in 3 months now.... its hard to lower any further unless its by owner
then we can lower it by 20k that commission eats into the small profit we get back..
what do you think,,
we live in Fort Lauderdale area in a very nice section....
Thanks R&B"


I decided to post my answer as to provide help  in case you have a

house that will not sell as well

My Response: 



Hi R & B thank you for watching my video. 
Just understand that the Absorption Rate of any house is for a particular market only. .at any given time
When buyers are first looking for homes, 
They are considering many areas at first.. (no absorption rates yet)
Then they decide particular areas because of school ...conveniences..walkability ...status......(no absorption rates yet) 
It is when they are committed to a neighborhood or small area where your agent must ask this question when your house is located inside...
  • How many houses have sold in the last 6 months? 
  • How many houses will sell in the next 30 days
  • What is the position of your house vs the competition?
If I was your agent, I would come to pick you up and make appointments with the competition...and I would ask you to pretend you are buyers
This is how you can help yourself and let your agent do the work...
Ok, you had enough
drop your agent
and save on the commission transfer those funds to the asking price?
Big mistake!
Buyers are savvy ..and if your house is in the "expensive" side...all the buyers are intelligent....this is why they are buying expensive homes in first place!
The first thing they ask...
  • What is the history of the house? 
  • How long has been in the market? 
  • Why are the sellers ...selling it?
Assuming that these buyers have their own agent...very likely because most "serious prepared buyers" have already crossed path with dozens of agent while preparing to buy...
They will be represented by one of them ..I can assure you of that
Their agent will be answering those questions...
"They been trying to sell this house for a long time...for this amount and this they are asking this amount, they are desperate, let's offer them $$$$  and see what they say...they should be grateful we at least bringing them an offer.
The odds of you selling your house at top price and saving in commissions  is almost zero in this case.. .
You've inspired me doing another video
I researched and analyzed why these houses are not selling..
They are all active and they been in the market for OVER 365 DAYS!!!
This is what I found:
Thank you and good luck!
July 22, 2015



Understand that the LISTING PRICE and the SELLING PRICE are two different things.

Although there are many other aspects and conditions that affect the sale of a home. The price is the pivot that directs it to the SOLD group or to the STALE group.

If your house is not selling, you need to discuss and analyze with your agent the position of your house among  the competition. . 

How does your home stack up?

The video below will open up several options for you and my hope is that your will quickly recognize the mistakes that will enlighten you into taking the proper direct steps and getting your house sold.



Pricing is critical in this market and so is condition.

You have to match the two in a very balanced way...

I invite you to visit out HOME NOT SELLING FORUM to find the answers you may be looking for.. .

and if your house sale has currently expired, don't make these 5 MISTAKES . .



Fernando Herboso

Broker of Maxus Realty Group
Listing Specialist




July 16, 2015

Homeownership: Will Play a Role in Your Retirement

Homeownership: Will Play a Role in Your Retirement


Maybe, you are still young and not really thinking about retirement,

I was thinking about my own family this week...

I run a real estate  business and plan for the future accordingly, my goals in place and I have a set target

I asked myself. .then

Why don't  I run my home life like a business? 

Do we have goals as a family? 

Are we strategic about all our decisions? or we are just going with the flow...year after year. .

There has been much talk about homeownership and whether it is a true vehicle for building wealth.

Well, they did a study about this recently, By the Hamilton Project , "Ten Economics Facts About Financial Well-Being in Retirement" 

it was revealed that: 

1. Middle-class households near retirement age have about as much wealth in their homes as they do in their retirement accounts.

“Over the past quarter century the largest single source of wealth for all but the richest households nearing retirement age has been their homes, which accounted for about two-fifths of net worth in the early 1990s and accounts for about one-third today.”

2. Home equity is a very important source of net worth to all but the wealthiest households near retirement age.

“Home equity is an important source of wealth for middle income households, accounting for more than one-third of total net worth for the second, third, and fourth quintiles of the net worth distribution… The fifth quintile has a much larger share in business equity—almost a quarter—than any other quintile. (The figure leaves out the bottom quintile of households because they have negative net worth. It is likely that these households will rely almost exclusively on Social Security in retirement.)”
Wealth in real estate
This is an easy to follow chart. .where is the money coming from for retirees?
Plan accordingly and be strategic, not only about your business....but also your home life and specially your retirement.
If you would like to invest in real estate, please give me a call to discuss your options. .I recommend for you to involve real estate in your future plans...the more the better!
if there is a way we can help you with your acquisitions ...we will find it for you!
Thank you 
July 14, 2015

Writing a Book For Marketing Your Real Estate Business

Homes For Sale

What is the best marketing tool you can have for your own business? 

I know that the best way for any customer to trust you quickly is when they are absolutely sure you are an expert of what you do...

A book can accomplish this for you.

I have been thinking about this for many years already and I decided to go ahead and go for it!

I had a choice to make.

Here I was contemplating at this Internet company, that after paying a nominal fee, I could just write a couple paragraphs and become an instant author!. . .  

This is a deceiving tactic that a lot of people have considered using it as an authority tool for their business...

So they can claim they have written a "BEST SELLER", when in reality, it only cost them a couple thousands dollars and a couple hours to write a few paragraphs.

(btw, a best seller is achieved in Amazom by buying your own book in bulk for your customers- and right when you do it. . you can claim you were the "author" of a "BEST SELLER"  in Amazon- not disclosing the fact that you've purchased all the books yourself) 

That does not feel right personally.. .

I had to do better than that. . . 

I wanted to write a book with my own content under my own creativity and my own effort.


This is why I'm very excited to share with you this SNEAK PEEK of my new book to be published sometime in 2016

Although, I don't have the exact official book release date, I can not stop thinking about when this is finally coming to  realty, after many years of planning and talking about it, I have  to give a huge shout out to my son Eric Herboso who urged me to complete this book. He has offered his help in bringing it to reality..

So, my job in the next  few months is to provide all the content using YouTube videos about the specific chapters of my book, as they are being transcribed to text version one video at a time.

Here's what I hope the reader will take away from reading my new book once it is published:

I'm sharing my experiences of selling homes by providing unique marketing techniques and strategies that will help Real Estate Agents and/or  any homeowner who ventures in selling their home on their own..

These are specific proven marketing techniques that can assure the best chances to sell any home at the best possible price...


the timing to fit the seller's needs.

For now, I invite you to explore the extensive library of videos already completed that will soon become the chapters on my book... . 

Click on the book cover below to check them out: 

I recommend for anyone who is in business for themselves to explore this type of marketing tool. .

There is no better way to elevate your position with your customers. .than giving them the gift of a book . .creating in a sense a powerful message of authority ..gaining their trust quicker.

Of course is not easy, it takes time and a lot of discipline,

I have a lot more work to do before it becomes reality, 

Luckily, I'm the type that loves challenges...



July 14, 2015

Marketing Tips To Sell a Home: The Negotiating of a Contract

Marketing Tips To Sell a Home:


The Negotiating of a Contract 

Helpful tips for selling a home with honesty, integrity and trust

tips sell home, tips to sell home quickly, tips to sell home by owner, tips to sell home privately, tips sell home fast, tips staging home sell, hiring agents, how much realtors worth, negotiating


 Want to sell your home?


July 14, 2015

Marketing Tips To Sell a Home: The Point of Sale in Real Estate

Marketing Tips To Sell a Home:

The Point of Sale in Real Estate

Helpful tips for selling a home with honesty, integrity and trust

tips sell home, tips to sell home quickly, tips to sell home by owner, tips to sell home privately, tips sell home fast, tips staging home sell, hiring agents, how much realtors worth, point of sale, real estate 


 Want to sell your home?